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My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Meals + FREE Printable Forms!

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Sometimes we get into a rut with our meals and so today I wanted to share some of my favorite THM meals with you!

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Ideas - Free Editable Forms @SheriGraham.com

I am excited today so give you some tools to help you stay on track with Trim Healthy Mama. Sometimes we get into a rut and fix the same meals every day. But our bodies need variety and many times when we get into a rut we get bored and then we cheat (speaking from experience!). Below you will find a list of some of my favorite Trim Healthy Mama meals. At the end of this post you will find a free printable to download that I pray will help you add more variety to your meals! Enjoy!

Sugar-Free with Sheri

Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Breakfasts

Chocolate Mudslide Muffin with Berries (S)

Eggs & Bacon (S)

Waffles or Pancakes (S)

Berry Coconut Crisp (S)

Apple Pie Smoothie (E)

Caramel Apple Smoothie (E)

Apple Oatmeal Muffins (E)

Old Fashioned Oatmeal & Berries (E)

Strawberry & Oats Muesli (E)

Spice Cake (FP)

Fat Stripping Frappa (FP) (found in the THM book)

Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (FP)

Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Lunches

Sandwiches (S)

Waffle Bread to make sandwiches (S)

Tuna Salad on Crispy Pita with fat free mayo (FP)

Egg White Wraps  or these wraps filled with fat free lunchmeats (FP)

Cottage Cheese Berry Delight (FP)

Fat Stripping Frappa (FP) (found in the THM book)

Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Dinners

I usually try to have an S meal for dinner just because it is easier. I try to fix my family’s favorite recipes, and then just eat the meat and vegetable or add a salad. I don’t always succeed in making dinner a true S meal for me and sometimes I crossover, but most of the time I do. Here are a few recipes I use to make these dinner meals an S for me!

Hamburgers (S)

Waffles or Pancakes (S)

Pizza (S)

THM-Meal-Ideas2_Page_1 THM-Meal-Ideas2_Page_2 THM-Meal-Ideas2_Page_3

Free Printables for You!

I created some editable forms (no not edible — editable) for you to use to record your own lists of favorite meals. Keep these handy and when you get stuck and don’t know what to fix, take a peak at these forms for ideas. Since these are editable, you can type into them and save them on your computer. That way you will be able to add to it, change it for the seasons, etc. Simply submit your first name and email below and you will immediately receive the download link via email.

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  1. I was coming to say the same exact thing as Elizabeth! I'm headed in to see if I can edit the ones you sent to add that. If I don't plan, I fail. I need to have some stuff on hand or ready pretty quick. I can't search it out and then gather ingredients.... I'd fail immediately! LOL! Thanks for these printables..
  2. Thank you for these printables! I'm just getting started in THM. I would love to see a printable for go to snacks also!

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