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My Favorite Blogs to Follow

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I thought it would be fun to post about some of my favorite blogs!

My Favorite Blogs to Inspire and Encourage

We all know there are a bunch of great blogs and websites out there. Today I want to share some of my favorites. As you will see, there is a wide range of topics here, so I hope you will find a blog that you might like to start following!

Holy Experience – This is Ann Voskamp’s blog. No one writes like Ann. Her posts are full of depth, inspiration, and challenge. I was able to get to know Ann when she was first writing her geography books. She is a true Jesus follower and such a sweet person. If you are needing a daily dose of encouragement, follow Ann’s blog today!

Michael Hyatt – Michael Hyatt is the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He writes now to encourage others to share the message that God has given them, through his books, online courses, etc. I love reading Michael’s posts and have learned a lot.

Money Saving Mom – I met Crystal Paine online when she was starting her first website. The Lord has blessed her and her new site and it has become one of the most popular blogs online. I love the money saving advice, the practical blog posts, and encouragement from another mom in the trenches of motherhood.

Meet Penny – I recently met Tabitha through a Facebook group and I absolutely love her site! She has all kinds of neat freebies, posts on homeschooling and homemaking, and lots more!

I Take Joy – Sally Clarkson writes this blog and it is such an encouragement to me. Sally speaks as a veteran homeschool mom who has been there. She shares such wisdom and grace. I have almost all of Sally’s books and I cannot recommend her materials enough. Check out her blog today!

Raising Arrows – I met Amy quite a few years back online and it has been a joy to follow her blog. Amy shares from her heart about large family homeschooling and homemaking. Having gone through losing a child, Amy shares from her own experiences and desires to help and encourage others who may have walked the same path. Check out Amy’s blog today!

Simply Charlotte Mason – This is a Charlotte Mason based homeschooling site that provides tons of great homeschooling materials.  I have used quite a few of their materials over the years and love it all! Take a look and see if there isn’t something that may fit your homeschool.

Trim Healthy Mama – I have shared about my Trim Healthy Mama journey through many posts on this blog. Trim Healthy Mama is a new way of eating that is not really a diet, but a new way of living. If you have tried all the “health” diets out there and can’t seem to find something that works for the long haul, take a look at Trim Healthy Mama!

Eat Better Spend Less – This is a fairly new site by my friend, Beth. She has some great recipes and articles on her site, as well as great tips on how to save money fixing healthy meals.

Simply Living For Him & Bible Based Homeschooling – I have been following Karen’s two blogs for quite a while now and really appreciate her focus on simplifying. So many  times we tend to look around at what everyone else is doing, how they are living, how they are homeschooling, etc., and we neglect to look to the Lord for direction. I love how Karen challenges me to continually look to the Lord daily, whether it is in the basic things of life, or my homeschooling decisions. Checkout both of Karen’s blogs and start following them today!

The Better Mom – This is one of those sites that always has such encouraging posts for moms! Not only are the posts encouraging, but they challenge me to be a better mom!

Free Homeschool Deals – I love this site and all the fun freebies for homeschooling that are posted. There is a temptation to grab everything you can get for free and become overwhelmed, but if you choose carefully only those things that you know you and your kids would love to use, this site will be such a blessing to you! Take a look!

Homesteader’s Heart – I met Kim quite a few years back online and it has been fun following her blog over the years. She always has such yummy recipes to share, as well as posting about what is going in her life. Hop on over and see what Kim has to share today!


I’m sure I could find more blogs to add to this list, but I hope you have had fun peeking into some of my favorites today.

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