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Trim Healthy Mama {Waffle Bread for Great Sandwiches! – “S”}

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Trim Healthy Mama {Waffle Bread for Great Sandwiches!}

I love having sandwiches for lunch…lunch meat and lettuce, egg salad, tuna salad, etc. Since starting THM last year, I have been using the Bread in a Mug recipe and cooking it in a small Pyrex bowl in the microwave.  I pop it out and let it cool, then slice it in two to make two “slices” of bread.

While this worked “ok”, I had a hard time actually eating the sandwich with my hands.  I usually ended up eating it with a fork because the bread was pretty fragile.  Yes, it still tasted great, but I was missing eating a sandwich the normal way!

Sugar-Free with Sheri

Enter…waffle bread! What gave me the idea is that I use an adjusted version of the Bread in a Mug recipe to make waffles (adding in some vanilla, sweetener, and cinnamon), and then baking it in the waffle iron. They are SO good too! But then I wondered if I could just make the regular Bread in a Mug recipe, bake it in the waffle iron and use that to make sandwiches!

Guess what…it worked beautifully! I think having the bread cooked on all sides like it does in the waffle iron helps to make the bread more sturdy.

Here is how I did it…

My waffle iron makes 4 small waffles, so I mixed up the Bread in a Mug recipe (in the THM book!) and spread the batter over 2 squares to make two waffles (each being about the size of a slice of bread). It worked great! I let them cool a bit before I assembled my sandwich.

I added some mayo and mustard, FF turkey lunch meat and some lettuce. It was REALLY good! (See picture above!) And..I was able to eat it with my hands!

I bet you could make up a bunch of these waffle breads and keep them in the frig for a quick sandwich. I also think they would be good with some maple extract added and maybe some sweetener, then fill with eggs and bacon for a yummy breakfast sandwich.

THM Note:  The Waffle Bread should be eaten in an “S” setting.

P.S.  Stay tuned…next week I will be sharing a yummy Brownie recipe I came up with using my famous Fuel Pull Chocolate Cake recipe and a yummy frosting that even keeps it fuel pull!


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  1. Sheri- Thank you SO much for this idea!! Funny thing is..I have never made waffles in my life ( I am a total pancake girl ) but I had gotten my mother's old Belgian Waffle maker. I tried it twice and it stuck so bad..couldn't figure it out. (My mom says maybe not enough fat??) but anywho, I re-seasoned the iron and made 2 perfect batches!!! Yay:) then the dog stole one, yikes (I guess he likes THM as well) but yesterday before church I made 2 Bacon, Egg & cheese waffle sandwiches.....SO YUM!!!! Again...thank you for the great idea!!!
  2. I made these today for lunch but added a bit of shredded cheddar cheese and some diced pickled jalapenos to the batter! It was SOOO good!! Even my 14 & 15 y/o boys loved! YAAAY!!
    1. Rebecca, I think you can replace the egg in the recipe with a tablespoon of flax meal and a few tablespoons of water. Mix the flax and water together and let gel a little, then add to the recipe. It should work fine!
  3. Do you have any trouble with these sticking in the iron? I have tried different THM recipes in my waffle iron, and they ALL stick :-(
      1. There's an on plan spray; Pompeian (spelling?) coconut oil cooking spray. Works wonders! I have found it at Walmart and Safeway.
  4. That's REALLY cool! Except. I don't have a waffle iron. Anyone recommend one they have used and loved?
  5. What a great idea! You could make a big batch and freeze, then toast in toaster when you want to use. At least we do that with waffles a lot, so it should work. Can't wait to try this! Thanks!
    1. Hi Marcella, Thank you! I am still "perfecting" the recipe but should have it ready for next week :)!
    1. You are welcome Tarah! I love having sandwiches because they are so quick and easy. Now they can be even easier! Yeah! And yes..get that waffle iron! Put it on your Christmas list :).
  6. This looks great. I think I will try it at lunch today and if I like it, I will most definitely make some to keep in the fridge! I bet I could use it for toast too after storing in the fridge. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, Rashel

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