When my first week of homeschool didn’t go as planned and how God got me back on track!

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This was our first week of homeschool for the year…and things did NOT go as planned! I am very much a list maker and I had my lesson plans all written out and ready for the best week ever…then reality set in…first thing Monday morning!

We all had a rough time getting back in the routine and many instances of the flesh taking over…bad attitudes, laziness, whining, impatience (on my part), etc. I was in tears several days…at my end to know what to do. That is when the Lord stepped in and showed me where I was going wrong.

I was putting my “plans” over people. Since I had all my lesson plans written in stone (err…written in pencil in my notebook), we were going to get them done! I wasn’t taking into consideration that I may need to ease into our routine again. I didn’t see that over the summer I had allowed my kids to get lazy in their learning process and some boredom had set in. Some work was going to have to be done in our routine and habits in order to make an easier transition into beginning homeschooling again.

I was neglecting to see the needs of my children. Once the Lord showed me this, I began to see how I was pushing the kids to learn in ways that were not natural for them.

For example: my 9 year old son who struggles to read and gets overwhelmed easily with too many words on a page or too small of words…who likes to read stories and not lists of words…I was trying to make him read lists of words in a new reading book…many words on the page and small print.

This was just one thing the Lord showed me that I needed to adjust so that I can be sensitive to my kids’ needs and help them along in the learning process.

I was relying on my own strength and not seeking the Lord for direction for our day. This one is hard for me because I am a planner. I also know that I learn differently than some of my children so it is hard for me to understand sometimes why things are so hard for them. I was failing to seek the Lord for direction and I was relying on my own strength. That simply didn’t work. I found myself in tears, totally hopeless to continue on my own. It was only as I cried out to Him in my own helplessness that He met my need and began to give me direction. Thank you Lord!


What about you? ┬áThose of you that have started your homeschool year…how did your first week go?

The rainbow above reminds me that God keeps His promises…I know He will guide me each step of the way…He has promised He will do that…BUT I have to seek Him first.

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  1. Sheri- your honest approach to life is so incredibly refreshing and encouraging! Thank you for your transparency. Praise the Lord for His guidance and redirection. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as you seek Him!!
    1. Thank you RaShell. The week started out rough, but the end of the week was much better. I am so thankful for a God who loves us to much to guide us in these little ways!

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