New Book! Draw & Write – A Journal for Children!

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Draw & Write - A Journal for Children

I am very excited to announce another brand new softcover book that is now available on Amazon…Draw & Write – A Journal for Children! This neat journal provides a place for your children to draw a picture and then a place to write something about the picture.

The “Look Inside” feature on Amazon is not working yet, but this is what the pages look like:

Pages from DrawandWrite-softcover

I have so many ideas for neat journals for kids and for adults, so stay tuned in the months ahead as I work on completing those!

I’ve been really enjoying The Intentional Journal. It gives me just enough room to jot down some thoughts for the day. Believe it or not, I have actually kept up and journaled every day since I got my copy!

You can see all the books I have on Amazon here!

May each of you have a blessed day in the Lord!

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  1. Sheri, I received the gift copy today that you sent me for winning the giveaway. It is SO pretty and I love the set up and simplicity of the journal. I've been tracking highlights of the day on a small little square for each day of the year. This journal will be perfect for keeping milestones, highlights of the day, promptings from the Lord, anything special for that day. Thank you SO much for a fine gift. I hope everyone will use this as it is a treasure keepsake. Becky :)
    1. I should clarify for readers that I am talking about the Intentional Journal not the new Draw and Write journal. I was so excited about the one I received and also how neat the childrens version looks, I just hit comment. :)) You provide such great resources Sheri. Thank you!
    2. Dear Becky, I'm so glad you liked the Intentional Journal. I love mine too! Have a great day!

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