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My Version of Good Girl Moonshine – FP

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Good Girl Moonshine in a quart jar on the table

When I am wanting something cold and refreshing to drink, I make up my own version of the Good Girl Moonshine.  It doesn’t have all the ingredients that Pearl and Serene’s recipe does, but it is SO good. I think it tastes like Snapple – with that yummy zing to it! Here is how I make it:


1 Wild Berry Zinger tea bag (This is the flavor I love, but you can experiment with different flavors!)

2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar

Several shakes of NuNaturals Pure White Stevia Powder



Fill a quart jar half full of water.

Heat in the microwave for a minute (or heat 2 cups of water on the stove and transfer to a quart jar).

Remove from microwave and add a Wild Berry Zinger (herbal tea) tea bag. Allow to steep until pretty strong.

Remove the tea bag and add the raw apple cider vinegar, and several shakes of NuNaturals Pure White Stevia Powder.

Fill the quart jar with ice. Stir and taste test. Add more stevia if needed to make it nice and sweet.

I LOVE this drink, especially in the summer months!

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  1. Ok, so I'm doing the 40 day sugar fast...first day...and I needed something. I found this on Pinterest and was very leery! I'm so glad my daughter said, "Let's try it!" I'm amazed! I could have this in my hand all day long! Thank you! I'm in shock!
    1. Oh Christine you made my day! I love this drink too. To me it tastes kind of like Snapple. It is so good and hits the spot. You could even add in some seltzer water to add a bit of fizz if you want!
  2. I made your version of GGMS and I could drink it all day. It was so refreshing. I used the Wild Berry Zinger tea. Sooo good.. Thank you so much for sharing. Sandra
  3. Thank you so much for posting! I have been leery of GGMS. I am a water drinker, no soda, no flavored water, occasionally when I got out some unsweetened iced tea. Today I used one oolong bag and one raspberry zinger bag, 2 T ACV and truvia to taste, loaded it with ice and was very pleasantly surprised!! I can drink this :) Thank you!!
  4. You mention oolong tea in the comments but when I go to the THM website to get the recipe it does not list tea as an ingredient. Now I am confused. Please help.
    1. Hi Rose, I'm not sure why they don't include the tea on the recipes in the THM website. I know people use the Oolong tea as the base and then add the raw apple cider vinegar and ginger to it. To me, adding in more flavor than just the ginger and ACV would be a must ;). That is why I liked the berry tea as the base of mine. Hope that helps!
      1. Hi! I just started on the THM lifestyle (NOTE: I didn't say 'diet') last Sunday. I believe the recipe that uses the Oolong tea is called The Shrinker. This drink includes almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper along with the Oolong. As a life-long pop addict, I prefer the GGMS recipe best. I put seltzer water in it (3/1 ratio of seltzer to filtered water, more to make the seltzer stretch further than anything!) and I have 'pop'! I will have to try the berry zinger tea, though (I LOVE berries!) Thanks for posting so many recipes. It's really a help to a 'newbie' like me!
        1. Hi Kelly, I recently tried the Shrinker and like it too, but I love the GGMS version with the berry tea. It is SO good. I'll have to try adding some seltzer to it. A little fizz would be really good! I'm glad you are enjoying all the recipes. I hope to get more on the site in the future, but I am also anxiously awaiting the new cookbook coming out by Serene and Pearl later this summer! Yeah! Have a great weekend ;)!
  5. Tried this using organic hibiscus tea bag that I purchased at Target. Wonderful. Used two packets stevia from Audi which has erythritol and no Maltodextrin.
  6. Hi Sheri Thanks for posting this. It is a huge help to me as I am just tired of the regular GGMS even though it has been a life saver in the past I needed an EASY update and this is it? May I repost it on my little blog? I want to use it in conjunction with another post that I am planning. Thanks again,
    1. Hi Teresia! I'm glad you liked this different version of GGMS. Feel free to post about the recipe on your blog, but do please link back here to my blog. Thanks!!! Have a great day!
  7. Do the original version of the GGMS have oolong tea in it? The recipe I printed off the fb page didn't mention tea. I drink the shrinker daily with the oolong tea in it. Do this tea have health benefits to it? I drink the GGMS most days but add the juice of a whole lemon to it. But this tea sound interesting.
    1. Hi Jane. Yes, the original recipe does use Oolong tea. I just never could find any locally and didn't order online yet. I liked how the berry flavors worked with the GGMS, although this recipe does not include some of the extra spices like ginger I think. The main ingredient I am trying to incorporate is the raw apple cider vinegar, so this recipe fits the bill. Hope that helps!
  8. Sounds delicious! :) I love GGM. I think its the apple cider vinegar that gives it that addictive flavor. Can't wait to try this version! :)
  9. Is the only ingredient missing the ginger? The ginger makes me really not like ggms so I've been doing this to get my ACV in. :) I like to add a little unsweetened flavored sparkling water when I'm really craving soda. :)
    1. Hi Faith, Yes, I think only the ginger is missing, plus I didn't use the Oolong tea. I really like this version to get my ACV in, and your idea of adding some sparkling water sounds yummy!
    1. Hi Sheri! If you try my recipe, try only using 1 T. ACV and make sure you add lots of sweetener. Make it nice and sweet, almost like kool-aid. See if that helps. You really do need to make sure you get it sweet enough though. If it isn't, you taste the ACV too much. But hopefully the combination of just using 1 T. and more sweetener will do the trick!
  10. Sheri, Can you drink this any time of the day and is there a limit to how much? Blessings, Caroline
    1. Yes, you can sip on it throughout the day, anytime. As far as limit, I don't think there is. But one quart of this is a lot to drink :).
  11. I love this version so much! I add the fresh ginger, too and sometimes drink it hot. I use 2 Truvia pkts to sweeten a quart. Trying different flavor teas has been fun and I am not missing my Diet Coke or coffee with flavored creamers off plan.
    1. Pam, I had never thought of drinking this hot. I'll have to try that on these cold mornings! So glad you like this version of GGMS.
  12. This is a great recipe!:) I love both the tea and apple cider vinegar, and Nu Naturals is the only kind of stevia I like:) I love how refreshing tea is in the summer months on ice. Thanks for sharing this! * Hint * Sometimes I add in a wedge of lemon to kick it up a notch too:)
    1. Hi Rashel, Let me know how you like it. Even though it doesn't have the extra nutritional ingredients of the original GGMS, this is a yummy way to get in some apple cider vinegar! Enjoy!
      1. I made two different types today! Wild raspberry hibiscus and island mango peach, they were both great. I do think I liked the raspberry better though. I have a couple other teas to try another day. Thank you for the idea and encouragement, it is a great way to get my ACV!
        1. Hi Rashel! Sounds good! I have tried different teas too, and always go back to the berries. And yes, getting that ACV in is a plus!

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