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Trim Healthy Mama {Lemon Cake Delight – FP}

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Lemon cake on a plate on the table.

Since my Fuel Pull recipes have been so popular, I wanted to see if I could come up with some others! I used my FP cake/muffin recipe as a base and played with it to make a yummy, moist lemon cake! It was SO good with a berry sauce on top, but you can get creative and put any FP topping on top! If you don’t need this to be a FP, put a rich cream cheese frosting on top for a yummy “S” dessert!  Have fun with this recipe! Oh…feel free to eat this for a breakfast, snack, or dessert!


1 tablespoon oat fiber

1 1/2 tablespoons coconut flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon Glucomannan

2 tablespoons Truvia

dash sea salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/3 cup egg whites

2 tablespoons lemon juice (If it is too lemony, just replace some of the lemon juice with water.)

1 teaspoon chia seeds

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl, then pour into two small (6-oz.) ramekins.  Bake in microwave for 1 1/2 minutes.

If you want to bake them in the oven, grease your dishes first, then bake at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. I noticed that when I baked them in the oven they didn’t raise as much as when baked in the microwave..just an FYI!

Makes 1 serving (2 small cakes)

Topping Ideas:

Heat some mixed berries and mash up with some NuNaturals and Glucomannan to thicken.

Top with some sweetened Greek Yogurt – maybe with some lemon juice added?

Top with a cream cheese frosting, just use the lower fat or no fat cream cheese and put on a thin layer. You don’t want to add too much fat to this recipe or it will bring it out of FP!

Trim Healthy Mama {Lemon Cake Delight-FP}


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  1. I've made this this and enjoyed it a few times now. I needed to get out of my heavy dessert rut, and this has been such a blessing! I've found that 4 tsp. Truvia is enough sweet for me, and the cake turns our great with only 1/4 tsp. gluccie rather than a 1/2 tsp. ( Too much gluccie doesn't agree with me, so I decided to experiment). I serve mine topped with Greek yogurt (I add stevia and vanilla) and sliced strawberries. It is delicious and make a very filling evening snack without being too heavy.
    1. Hi Teresa! I love this lemon cake too and that is great that you adjusted it to fit your tastes. I love Greek yogurt on top too. I'll have to try adding some strawberries. SOunds delicious!
  2. I have really enjoyed this on the Stubborn Loser diet. ? Is it a FP if I make an icing with about 2 tb of triple 000 vanilla Greek yogurt and FF rhedi whip? Thank you so much!!
    1. Hi Lesa! So glad you are enjoying the Lemon Cake :)!. Yes it would still be a FP if you made an icing with Greek Yogurt and FF rhedi whip! Enjoy!
  3. I just had this for breakfast with a little sugar-free boysenberry jam, it was so delicious! Thank you for this and all of your other THM recipes!!!
  4. Has anyone made this recipe on a larger scale and baked it in a 9x9 pan? Maybe just quadruple the recipe?
    1. Hi Stephanie, I haven't tried multiplying this recipe, but I have my other FP cakes, so I bet it would work. Yes, I would just quadruple the recipe for a 9x9 pan and see how it works. You may have to bake it a bit longer too.
    1. Hi Lori, If you have the THM baking blend, then in this recipe you would use 3 tablespoons THM baking blend in place of the coconut flour, oat fiber, and gluccie. The rest of the recipe should be find left as is. Hope that helps!
    1. Hi Diane, Yes, you can just leave the chia seeds out. They are really just for a little crunch and for looks. Enjoy! This lemon cake is yummy and moist. You are going to love it!
  5. I was wondering do you think poppy seeds could be substituted for the the chia seeds?
    1. Hi Barbara, You can leave the gluccie out, but the consistency of the cake might be a little different...more crumbly maybe. Just try it and see!
    1. Thanks for the thought Carol. I wonder if you just added a bit to the yogurt to flavor it if it would work. I guess you can give it a try and see :). Have a great day!
      1. Lemon extract would be safe choice...lemon juice is used in milk to sour it for buttermilk substitute
          1. I added lemon juice and stevia to my husbands greek yogurt to serve over his cake and it was really good! No curdling or bad taste. He ate it pretty quickly after I made it.
    2. I add a pkg of true lemon to1/2 cup of Fage 0% fat greek yogurt and a pkg of Stevia and it’s delicious!!
  6. Another winner Sheri! I keep hoping the kiddos won't like it and they surprise me and love it! Tomorrow I will try the spice cake.
    1. Hi Christine! I know what you mean! You get your treat all ready and then the kids want a bite - then it's gone! I'm glad you are enjoying the recipes. The spice cake is yummy too. I love that one in the fall with some coffee. Yum!
  7. If I put FF reddi whip on top this is an E, right? Always get confused with the Reddi Whip. Once again, great recipe. We have enjoyed many of your THM recipes. Thanks!!!
    1. Hi Mandy, I believe adding a little FF reddi whip will keep it in FP range. Just don't overdo it! I'm glad you have enjoyed my recipes too. Isn't THM fun? Have a great day!
  8. Quick easy, and very tasty. Thanks! Also, to anyone who does not have a oat fibre I used psyllium husk and it worked great!
  9. This looks great! Can you sub cornstarch for the gluc. powder in the topping? Is there a sub. for the coconut flour? Thanks for your input.
    1. Hi Jeanetta, Cornstarch is not on plan, but you can just put some fresh mashed up strawberries on top. You don't have to use the Glucc. You may be able to use almond flour to sub for the coconut flour, but that will increase the fat content of the recipe. Also, coconut flour absorbs liquids more than almond flour does I think, so that may affect how the cake turns out. I guess give it a try and see :)!
  10. Gorgeous and yummy looking as always, Sherri! You rock! Thanks for linking up to Trim Healthy Tuesday. :) Gwen

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