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Recently I decided to try the Egg White Wraps recipe found in the Trim Healthy Mama book (page 274) and they turned out great!   These are low fat and low carb so I filled them with lean lunch meat, mustard, and lettuce.  They were SO good.

These wraps would work perfectly for soft tacos or enchiladas, filled with eggs and more (depending on what type of meal you are wanting to make – the eating plan is explained in the book!).  I look forward to making these again soon!

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  1. I have the newer version of the book and it does not have the egg white wraps unless they are listed under another name. Would it be possible to get the recipe?
    1. Hi Sue, I don't have the liberty to share the recipe from the book, but I found this when I searched online and it is pretty much the same recipe as is in the book: https://www.facebook.com/TrimHealthyMama/posts/449886318398554. I hope that helps!
    2. In the new book they are listed as Wonder Wraps...also they have a video on you tube showing how to make them.
  2. Do you have a trick to make these? I tried and they were to thick not think like yours n the picture at all? thank you love all your recipes
        1. HI again! I just used a non-stick pan, but you can use a griddle too. The books says that the recipe should make 4 good-sized wraps. If I remember right, I kind of shook the pan after I put the batter in to spread it out thinner. Maybe that will help too. :)
    1. Hi Katrina! You can! If you look in the left sidebar here on my site, you will see a section called "Subscribe to Sheri's Blog". If you click on the little envelope, it will take you to a window to sign up to receive my blog posts via email. Just let me know if you have any trouble with it, ok? Have a blessed weekend!

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