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How to Use Pepperplate to Organize Your Trim Healthy Mama Recipes and Menus {for free}

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How to Use Pepperplate to Organize Your Trim Healthy Mama Recipes

I recently found a very helpful online tool that will help you organize your Trim Healthy Mama recipes — Pepperplate.com!

It is totally free to create an account, then you can add recipes from any website or type in your own, create menu plans, shopping lists, and more! There are also apps available for most mobile devices, making this tool even better because you can have access to it anywhere.

How to Use Pepperplate

Below I have outlined some simple directions for how to use Pepperplate to organize your Trim Healthy Mama recipes.

1. Add recipes to Pepperplate manually or using the Bookmarklet. If you use the Bookmarklet, if the site is compatible with Pepperplate then the recipe will be added automatically.  If not, then you can easily copy and paste in the ingredients and instructions, and drag the recipe image into the Pepperplate window to add the recipe.

2. Create categories for the recipes.  I created categories for each type of THM meal (S, E, FP, CO), then also created more detailed categories (Breakfast-S, Breakfast-FP, Desserts-S, Main Meal-E, etc.)

3. Edit the categories of each recipe so that you mark it with the THM meal type it is (S, E, FP, or CO), AND also mark it with the more specific categories you want it labeled under.  For example, my Fudgy No-Bake Cookies are labeled with the categories: S, Desserts-S, and Snacks-S.  I hope that makes sense.  My reasons for doing it this way is so that you can easily filter the recipes to show all the recipes for each THM meal type OR by more specific categories. When you are doing the Fuel Cycle week, it would help to be able to see all your S recipes together, or all your E recipes together, or all your FP recipes together.

4. Now you are ready to create menus!  Create menus that are titled things like: Breakfast-S, Breakfast-FP, Lunch-E, Lunch-S, Dinner-S, Dinner-E, Dinner-FP, Snacks-FP, Snacks-S.  I think you get the idea. The menus are so that you can include more than one recipe in each meal’s menu plan if you want.  Once you have some of these menus put together, then you can plug those menus into your planner on certain days. Another option would be to not create menus, and just add the individual recipes into the planner for each day.

Once you have your meals all placed into the planner, then you can either print it out (just use the browser print option to print the page) OR access the planner on your mobile device. Awesome!

5. Time to create your Shopping List!  Once your have your menu plans made out, then Pepperplate makes it so easy to add the ingredients to your grocery list.  Simply go to the Planner tab and under each day of the week is a link titled “Add to List”.  Simply click on that link and all the ingredients for the recipes for that day will be added to the grocery list. Next, click on the Shopping tab, and you can then print out the shopping list by aisle or by recipe.  Simple!

My THM Recipes in Pepperplate

I am going to keep a list here of the recipes I have added to my Pepperplate account. You can simply click on the links for each recipe and a window will open up where you can add the recipe to your own Pepperplate account. (Note: While the recipe is added to your account, for some reason the picture isn’t.) I will try to add to this list as I have time to get them added to my account.


Berry Coconut Crisp – S

Caramel Pecans – S

Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Bars – S

Coconut Dream Cake – S

Fudgy No-Bake Cookies – S

Gluten-Free Low Carb Wrap – S

Chocolate Chip Cookies – S

Cookies & Cream Skinny Chocolate – S

Mock Ice Cream Sandwiches – S

Pumpkin Cheesecake Torte Pie – S

Single Serve Pumpkin Pie – S

Waffle Bread – S

Waffles or Pancakes – S


Apple Oatmeal Muffins – E

Apple Pie Smoothie – E

Caramel Apple Smoothie – E

Strawberry & Oats Muesli – E


Brownies – FP

Chocolate Cake – FP

Lavash Chips – FP

Cottage Cheese Berry Delight – FP

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding – FP

Chocolate Ice Cream – FP

Good Girl Moonshine (My Version) – FP

Lemon Cake Delight – FP

Pumpkin Pie Cake – FP

Spice Cake – FP

Strawberry Cake – FP

Tuna Salad on Crispy Pita – FP

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  1. Do you know how to search for a recipe, on Pepperplate, from your desktop? I can search them on my phone, but on the desktop it always comes up showing no recipes that fit that description. For example, this is what I get every time. 0 results for "coconut rice" Show results from Titles, Ingredients. ( Titles & Ingredients are checked) Thanks!
    1. Hello! On desktop, if you look right under the Pepperplate heading, there is a white box where you can type in and search. Hope that helps!
  2. Is there a cost to join pepperplate? Will I be able to transfer all my recipes from Pinterest, where I have my recipes categorized now?
    1. Pepperplate is free! In order to get your recipes into pepperplate, it will take a bit of work to add them. Just go in and create an account and go through the process of adding a recipe. Then you can decide if it is work moving them all over from Pinterest. Have fun!
    1. Hi Mariana, It looks like there is not a print button in Pepperplate itself to print the planner page, but you can print the planner page by using your browser printer command. Just find the place in your browser settings menu where there is a "Print" button and click that to print the planner page. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi, I have a question you say you can print the shopping list, I can not work out how, I can sort it by recipe or by aisle , but not print it. Is this possible or not, thank you for your help Marlis
    1. Hi Marlis, to print out your shopping list, go to the shopping list tab in Pepperplate. At the top right you will see a couple links: PRINT LIST and CLEAR ALL. If you click on the Print List, it will bring up the page for you to print. The sorting features you are talking about are on the left side, the print option is on the right. I should note that I am viewing this on a desktop computer, not on a phone. I hope that helps!
      1. Hi thank you, i did find it on the web page only, not on any apps, ipad, or windows app. :( I am not usually on the web page, I mainly use the apps. thanks again.
  4. Is it possible to share your lists with others, or vice versa? (So that we can create a THM community of recipes on this and no one has to recreate everything?) Or did I miss that link someplace? Thank you for sharing this app!
    1. Hi Becky, I have a list of some of my recipes that I have added to Pepperplate. You can find that list here: https://sherigraham.com/trim-healthy-mama-recipes-list As far as a THM community on Pepperplate to share recipes, I don't really know of any. One thing to keep in mind though - Pearl and Serene are soon coming out with some really neat new features on their website, including a huge recipe database, menu planner, and more! I know this is going to be amazing and it should be released soon! Yeah!
  5. Thank you so much for this link to Pepperplate! I have been searching for a good recipe/menu planner and this is perfect for what I want. It is so stinking simple even I can do it!
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this and for taking the time to link your THM recipes to Pepperplate, it made it so easy to add them to my account. My new account, since I just found this and signed up! I can't wait to start using it. Thank you again for all the time you spend posting recipes and making it easier for us. Blessings, Rashel
    1. Hi Rashel, Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you are enjoying Pepperplate and THM. It is a fun journey for sure! Have a wonderfully blessed day!
  7. Thank you - I had posted the question on the facebook page and now am entering recipes! Thank you - I think I'll love this program!
  8. Hi Shari, Thank you for sharing this! I love your recipes! I was wondering if you have tried Plan To Eat, and if so, if you could give a little comparison of the two? My Mom got me a subscription to PTE, but I am just beginning to dabble with it, and haven't put too much work into it yet. If Pepperplate is better, I would rather use that. Also, do you know if on Pepperplate you can have "friends" where you can share recipes with them that you have already imported and vice-versa? Thank you! Heather
    1. Hi Heather, I have not used Plan to Eat, so I can't give a good comparison between the two. I checked out Pepperplate as far as being able to have friends and share the recipes. It looks like it allows you to share recipes via email, facebook, or twitter. I tried it and sent one of my recipes to myself via email. The recipe is emailed and there is a link then that I could click on to add the recipe to my Pepperplate account. So you can share recipes this way with others. My guess is that Plan to Eat is loaded with a few more options, but if you want a free option then Pepperplate might work for you. Wish you the best!
    1. Hi Brenda, Go to your Recipe List in Pepperplate. Click on the recipe you want to add the category to. Then click on the little pencil (edit button) next to the recipe name. That will bring up the areas where you can add a category. To add the category, just start typing the category name as you want it. If this is the first time adding a category, then just type the category name exactly as you want it. It will pop up under your typing with the name you just typed. Click on it to select the category. It will now be shown in the Category section in the recipe. You can then type in that area again to add another category. Once you have used some different categories, then the next time when you use the same categories you can just start typing the category and a list will pop up of the existing categories. Then you just click on the right on you want to assign. I hope that helps :).
      1. Thank you. I think this is going to help me tremendously. I've just been saving in Word docs, files and it is so overwhelming trying to find anything.
  9. Got it, Sheri! I appreciate you taking the time to explain :) I currently use Plan to Eat, and am going to try Pepperplate to see how I like it, since free is great. Thanks again for your help.
  10. I have never heard of Pepperplate. I'm going to check it out. I've been using Evernote to organize my THM recipes by category, but this looks even better.
  11. Pepperplate looks interesting; however, there are two issues that I cannot figure out. 1) Once I have recipes, I cannot figure out how to insert them into the planner. When I click on help, I get an error message and cannot access the help file. 2) I tried installing the bookmarklet, but when I go to a nonsupported site, all I get is a blank template and then have to copy and paste each part of the recipe separately. Have you had these issues and found solutions? I'll be eager to hear.
    1. Hi Marla, Ok..how you add a recipe to the planner or to a menu is first click on the recipe. Now once you are on the recipe page look at the right side toward the bottom. There is a section where you can add the recipe to the planner or to a menu. Just click on the day you want to add it to, then it will give you an option to select Morning, Mid-Day, or Evening, then save. The recipe is now added to the planner. If you want to add it to a menu, just click on the menu tab and add it to one of the menus you have made. As far as using the bookmarklet, yes it is kind of an inconvenience to have to copy and paste the recipe in, but it doesn't take that long. The window pops up on the page so you can easily drag over the image, then copy the ingredients list and paste it in, then copy the directions and paste it in. It doesn't take that long and once it is done the recipe is in there for good! Some of the big recipe sites are compatible with Pepperplate so when you click on the Bookmarklet to add a recipe it automatically adds it for you. Nice. But for us small bloggers who are posting recipes, our sites are not compatible so you just have to do the copy and paste thing. In my mind, you would have to do that anyway in order to save the recipes on your computer, so it isn't a big deal. I hope that helps!

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