Countdown to Christmas {Week 5: Gift Making Week}

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{free} Countdown to Christmas

Reminder: These Weekly To Do lists are directly from The 12-Week Holiday Planner. Those of you who have purchased The Holiday Planner will have all the forms that go along with the To Do Lists. If you have not purchased the planner, then you will need to make your own forms or buy your own copy!

Week 5: Gift Making Week

[  ]  Homemade Gifts! Focus your energies on completing gifts to be made and setting aside gifts that aren’t coming together.

[  ]  Christmas Letter! Write a Christmas letter. A draft page is provided, as well as a few stationary pages!

[  ]  Family Photos! Find family photos suitable for inclusion with Christmas cards.

[ ]  Christmas Card List! Finalize your Christmas Card List and prepare cards/newsletters for mailing.

Accountability:  Once you have completed this list, come back here and tell us about it! Let’s encourage each other to plug away at these “to do’s” now so that our holidays can be less stressful and more focused on Jesus!

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