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Quart Jar Cozies Now Available {for all your Trim Healthy Mama drinks!}

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Quart Jar Cozies for all your Trim Healthy Mama drinks!

I love drinking my Trim Health Mama smoothies and special drinks in quart jars. They are just the right size and by using a big quart jar I tend to drink more each day.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the quart jars is that they always sweated and made my hands cold and wet…water dripping everywhere when I drank out of it….until now!

Enter…Quart Jar Cozies!

Sugar-Free with Sheri

I saw a few online but I decided to make my own pattern. I wanted a Cozy that would fit on either a wide-mouth or regular size jar, and also fitted snugly around the neck of the jar. So..I came up with a pattern that does both!

The string around the top of the Cozy allows you to tighten it up no matter what size jar you are using. Since the Cozy is made of 100% cotton yarn, the moisture on the outside of the jar is absorbed! Plus, my hands don’t freeze hanging onto the jar either.

Now you can enjoy your smoothie or favorite Trim Healthy Mama drink using these pretty Cozies!

I have several different colored Cozies available for sale in my Shop. Buy different colors for each member of the family…no more confusion as to which jar is whose!

These would make great birthday or Christmas gifts!

Click here to go to my Hand Crocheted Items page in my Shop and grab one (or two) today and give them a try! You are going to LOVE them!


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    1. Thanks Laura! I wish I could have some ladies over and show them how to make them :). I am considering typing up the instructions into a little ebook and selling it on my site..that way others can make them if they want to give it a try.
      1. I think that would be a great idea! I'd love to make my own from my gigantic stash of yarn :-)
        1. Hi Patty...Ok..you have convinced me that there may be others who would like to make their own cozies :). I'll work on getting the instructions typed up into an ebook and have it ready for sale next week sometime. Have a great week!

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