How to Set Up a Cleaning Schedule That Works for Your Family (Step 2 of 5)

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In the last post we covered the first step to setting up a cleaning schedule — making a list of cleaning tasks. If you have not completed that step, go back and do it now! If you have completed Step 1, then let’s move on to Step 2: Decide How and When You Will Do Your Cleaning!

STEP 2: Decide How and When You Will Do Your Cleaning

This may be the hardest step for you in this process of setting up a cleaning schedule. You may actually find that you will need to change when you do your cleaning as the seasons of your lives change. I will present a few different methods that you can consider, then you will need to pray about it, consider your family’s schedule, and choose the “way” that works best for you.

This step is really looking at the cleaning tasks that have to be done weekly, monthly, and yearly/seasonally. The cleaning tasks that have to be done daily, such as dishes, are pretty much non-negotiable. They HAVE to be done every day.

Here are a few different methods that you can consider for getting your weekly/monthly/yearly/seasonal cleaning tasks done:

1 – Do ALL your cleaning tasks on one day. Choose a day of the week that is not as busy as the others and assign that day as your cleaning day. There can be an advantage to doing everything on one day in that your time during the rest of the week is freed up a bit. BUT, it can be overwhelming too, having to do it all on one day. You decide.

2 – Spread out the cleaning tasks throughout the week, doing a little each day. Many have found this method works great for them, because they can just do a little each day. It takes a bit of organization and planning it all out, but once you have a schedule in place, you simply check off each day as you complete your cleaning tasks. If you don’t have time to complete each item each day, you can easily see at the end of the week what didn’t get done and catch up on the weekends.

3 – Choose two or three days of the week for cleaning days and spread the tasks out over those days. You may find that certain days of the week are busier than others, but you would prefer not to do all the weekly cleaning on one day. So, look at your week, choose the days that you will have time to clean, and divide up the tasks between those days.

STEP 2: Action Steps

  1. Take a look at your list of cleaning tasks that you made in Step 1.
  2. Look at your family’s schedule — what days tend to be busier, what days you are out of the house, etc.
  3. Decide which of the above three methods will work best for your family.
  4. Decide on what day or days of the week that you will be doing those cleaning tasks.

Now that you have decided on “when” you will clean, we will move on to Step 3 next time where we will talk about creating a Weekly Cleaning Chart!

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