Enjoying our garden and some updates

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We have been enjoying our little garden.  The cherry tomatoes are really starting to produce, we have enjoyed spinach (it is long gone now due to the extremely warm weather here), romaine lettuce, and recently cucumbers!  We have been anxiously awaiting…all winter and spring…for these….

…lacto-fermented dill pickles!  My oldest son helped me get these two jars ready yesterday and here they are sitting on my kitchen counter for 3 days before going into the refrigerator.  If your family likes pickles, then you really do need to give these pickles a try!  We love them on sandwiches, hamburgers, or just plain.  They are crispy and SO good!  They are also very easy to make!  I start with a clean quart jar, put 1/4 cup whey in the bottom of the jar, add in 1 T. sea salt, 1 T. dill seed, 1 T. mustard seed, and 1 garlic clove chopped up.  Then add your sliced cucumbers, and enough water to fill up the jar to 1 inch from the top.  Here is my recipe if you want to give it a try…so easy…and so good!


I am in the process behind the scenes of reorganizing my website, changing my domain name, moving some stuff to my new domain, etc.  I may be a little scarce over the next couple weeks as I work on getting all these changes made.  My goal is to keep this site (www.sherigraham.com) as my homeschool spot with all my homeschool related articles and ebooks.  I am hoping that by dedicating this site to strictly homeschooling that I can better organize things so you can find them easier.  My new domain will be my “home” on the web.  It will feature my blog (don’t worry, the current feed will stay the same), as well as my other ebooks, articles, etc.  Pray for me as I seek the Lord in how to reorganize to better serve you.

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  1. Sheri, You now need to make an e-book on canning! My garden produced way too much product for my family this year. I love gardening and you make canning sound so easy. Canning when i was growing up with my mother was labour intensive. Is canning really this easy????? Michael Glendale, Arizona
    1. Well, what I described in this post is called lacto-fermentation. You don't actually "can" the produce. These pickles are made by just putting the ingredients in the jar, sealing with a lid, and letting it sit on your counter for 3 days. The pickles then go in the refrigerator to cool and eat. You can store them in cool storage for months! Lacto-fermented vegetables are SO good for you too. When you "can" produce, much of the live enzymes are destroyed. This method preserves all of that and more, making them very good for you. Give them a try! You will love them!

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