5 Copywork Resources for Your Homeschool

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5 Copywork Resources for Your Homeschool

Copywork is an often overlooked and yet very valuable activity to include in your homeschool! Copywork is simply allowing your children to copy out of copywork books or other texts. Not only will your children work on improving their penmanship skills, but they will also be learning spelling and grammar skills!

When beginning copywork, start small. There are two different types of sources you can use for copywork materials:

1. Use ready-made copywork books (like some of the ebooks I offer below) and have your child copy out of the books, a little each day, depending on their age and ability.

2. Use your own content such as the Bible, a favorite book, article, recipe, etc. My kids enjoy narrating to me a short story or journal entry that they want to write. I type it out in large print and then they use that to copy into their journals or notebooks. There are endless ideas for using your own content! You can use my Create Your Own Penmanship Pages ebook series to create your own copywork page too!

If you need a resource to get you started, here are 5 different ebooks I offer…


A Child’s Garden of Verses Copywork Book

Celebrating the Season - Our Christmas Copy Work & Activity Book

Celebrating the Season – Our Christmas Copywork & Activity Book


Leaves of Life – Daily Copywork Through the Year


The Days of Creation – Copywork and Notebooking Pages

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord Is My Shepherd – Copywork Book

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