Homemade Cream of Rice

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Terri, a friend of mine, emailed me recently with a fun gluten-free discovery she made!  Here was her email to me, along with the recipe to make your own Cream of Rice:

I just have to tell you about my exciting gluten-free discovery this morning!  First, for most of the past year I have been enjoying “Cream of Rice” hot cereal every morning.  (It is like the “Cream of Wheat” only in a much smaller box.)  I have been paying about $2.65 for a little 14 oz box at Dillons.  Yesterday I thought I had lost a dear friend when I found Dillons no longer had it, nor a place for it.  This morning (rather mourning!)  I put on my Sheri Graham thinking cap and went to my kitchen to experiment.  I cleaned out my coffee grinder really well and then tossed in about 1/4 cup of my Jasmine rice.  I added water and a dash of salt and then cooked it just like I do the store-bought.  It worked beautifully for only pennies!!!!  Another thing I like to do with this, since building bones is my goal now, is to add one of those calcium vitamin chews like Viactin or the Wal-mart brand.  They melt quickly and add a bit of flavor plus LOTS of calcium, vit D, and K!!!  I have used both the carmel flavor and the chocolate.  If I use the chocolate, I throw in a few dark chocolate chips (for the antioxidants of course!)  and I think it tastes every bit as good as chocolate Malto-Meal.  Honey, cinnamon and the like also work well!

Also, just for fun, Christian and I calculated out the price per serving.  Buying cream of rice in the box costs about 29 cents per serving and making it myself (I buy Jasmine rice in 20# bags) costs only about 7 cents per serving!

Terri gave me permission to share this with you…so enjoy!  Here is the recipe again:

Homemade Cream of Rice

Serves 1

1 – Grind 1/4 cup rice in your coffee grinder

2 – Add boiling water and salt to taste

3 – Add in extras (calcium vitamin chews, chocolate chips, cinnamon, honey, raisins, nuts, etc.)

4 – Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting your friend Terris’ discovery of making homemade cream of rice! I have digestion problems and have always used Uncle Ben’s product. But, I have not been able to find it anywhere at a store lately. So, I was looking online thinking I would order some on the Internet when I found your website. I have already made my first batch of homemade cream of rice! What a blessing ! I have joined your news letter subscription and I’m looking forward to what arrives in my email box from you. Thanks again…God Bless Debbie Arterbury Smith 😊
  2. Just made it with 1/4 cup jasmine rice and a cup of water cooked in the microwave for five minutes. My 89 year old mother is enjoying it right now topped with wheat germ and half and half.
  3. Thanks you so much. I have been on a low residue diet due to health reasons. I was not sure if I could find the packaged Cream of Rice cereal. Plus I would have to depend on my husband to try to find it. He has been so helpful in getting all my diet needs. I am almost out of the packaged cereal. I decided to go online to look for a recipe. I found your and am so happy. I make your recipe (I used 1 cup of water) this morning and loved it. It takes fresher than the packaged cereal. So good. Thank you so very much....you are a blessing!
  4. Seeing how the actual Cream of Rice cooks in less than 2 minutes, I believe this recipe would work best for instant rice. Regular rice would need to simmer a while or you may have a mouth full of grit. I was just thinking of trying this because the store boxes are so small and run out quickly. Thanks for the idea.
  5. I have tried your recipe above and found it to need some adjustment to be completely edible. Routinely rice needs to be cooked for a minimum of 20 minutes, so, adding boiling water to the rice above left it still very gritty and not very tasteful. I used the routine of 2 to 1 of water/rice ratio the 2nd time and cooked longer and had to keep adding boiling water to finally get the doneness and consistency so the 3rd try was perfect. I used 4/1 ratio to begin with and after adding the rice I turned the fire to very low and let is simmer for 10+ minutes, stirring occasionally and with the lid partially on. This time the rice soaked up the entire amount of water and was a perfect doneness and was delicious. So glad you shared this idea.
  6. Many grinders have dual sided blades. If you use the dull side you will get a finer grind, but it may be a bit too floury. Use the sharp side to get a courser grind.
  7. Thanks for the tip...about using the coffee grinder on raw rice. Had not thought of that. Muchas gracias, amigos. Michael

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