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Natural Body Care: Deodorant

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I have tried making homemade deodorant with baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils, etc., but never really liked how it turned out.  It crumbled and fell apart on me when using it.  A year ago I bought a deodorant stone and I love it!  It is simple to use and lasts a LONG time…making it very economical!

This is the deodorant stone I am using.  I feel so much better not using the deodorants with the aluminum in it.


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  1. Sheri, Glad you've found a deodorant alternative. I just recently started using a roll-on natural deodorant and really like it-- some of the others I've used haven't been that effective. You or others might like to look at the ingredients it has and try to make up a recipe. It is made by Home Health: https://www.healthdesigns.com/home-health-herbal-magic-roll-on-deodorant-unscented-3-fl-oz

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