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Natural Body Care: Lotion

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I love all the yummy smelling lotions that you can buy in the stores, but many times they irritate my skin.  I think all the strong perfumes and such that are used in the lotions do more to irritate my skin and cause it to sting, than really help my skin!  So I was on a quest (again!) in search of a homemade lotion to make myself.

The first option you will find below is for my Lotion Bars.  We LOVE these bars!  They smell so good and feel so good rubbed on my hands and skin.  But while I really liked the bars, I wanted to find a recipe for actual lotion that I could put in a bottle.  I wanted something that would be gentle enough I could use it on my face too.  Well…I found it!  That recipe is below under Option #2.  Enjoy!

Option #1:  Lotion Bars (see my recipe here!)


Option #2:  Homemade Lotion

  • 2 cups purified water
  • essential oils of your choice
  • 2 tablespoons beeswax
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa butter
  • 1 1/2 cups olive oil
  • 1 Vitamin E capsule (400 IU)

Start by putting 2 cups of purified water into your kitchen blender.

Add in the essential oils that you want to use.  This is where you can have some fun!  You can choose oils for their fragrance or for their medicinal properties.  I used Lavender Essential Oil, but you can use whatever sounds good to you, and as much as you want to use.  It just depends on how strong of fragrance you want.

In a small pan on the stove, heat the olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E capsule until melted.

Turn on the blender and slowly add the oil mixture to the purified water (Have the blender lid on, with the little lid in the middle removed so you can pour the oil in.  You may also want to put the oil mixture into a liquid measuring cup to make it easier to pour.)

Keep the blender running until you have poured all the oil into the water.  When you are done, you should have some beautiful lotion!

Store your lotion in glass jars or plastic lotion containers.  I bought some of those travel flip-top containers to put the lotion in, then stored the rest in a mason jar in the cupboard to refill as needed.

I LOVE this lotion!  I am using it on my face after I wash it and it feels so good.  Give this one a try!  It is so easy and fairly inexpensive too!  This would make great gifts as well!

I also would like to try sometime infusing the olive oil with some medicinal herbs to make a lotion that would be good for things like eczema, etc.  I haven’t tried that one yet, but I don’t know why you couldn’t!


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  1. What medicinal herbs would you use for eczema? I want to make some lotions for my 20-year-old daughter who developed eczema last year.
    1. Hi Melanie, I am no expert at this at all, but here are a few links that talk about herbs that are good for treating eczema: https://www.livestrong.com/article/128965-herbs-eczema/ https://everygreenherb.com/eczema.html Hope that helps a little!

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