Trim Healthy Mama {5 Yummy “Fuel Pull” Cakes}

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Trim Healthy Mama {5 Fuel Pull Cakes}

Gwen suggested that I do a post with all my Fuel Pull cakes linked in one place. I thought it was a great idea so here it goes! I may be adding more Fuel Pull cakes to my collection, but here are the five I have so far. I hope you enjoy having these in one place!

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On a side note, I do want to clarify that having Fuel Pull goodies to eat for desserts and snacks can be very helpful, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

But there are times when you need to incorporate more S desserts and snacks too. As Serene and Pearl have said before, be careful not to get into the habit of including too many Fuel Pull recipes (especially if you eat any of these cakes as your meal) or it can affect your metabolism.

But as we head into the holidays when there are going to be lots and lots of yummy goodies around us, it will be so nice to have some of these yummy cakes to make to eat instead. Enjoy!

Trim Healthy Mama {Strawberry Cake - FP}

Strawberry Cake

Trim Healthy Mama {Lemon Cake Delight-FP}

Lemon Cake Delight

Trim Healthy Mama {Spice Cake - FP}

Spice Cake


Pumpkin Pie Cake


Chocolate Cake

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    1. Here is one that I converted to a full cake: https://sherigraham.com/vanilla-cake-9x13-cake-using-master-mix-thmfp/ It does get a bit tricky, but you could try that!
  1. How do these cakes affect your metabolism? Does the oat fiber change the texture, moistness or taste? Thought I'd ask before making them.
    1. Because these cakes are Fuel Pull, they are low in carbs and low in fat. I don't know for sure how that affects your metabolism. I know that because they are low in carbs that they will not affect your blood sugar levels.
  2. Not seeing the FP Pumpkin Spice Cookies here. The Pinterest link brings me to the cakes.
    1. I'm not sure why the link is going to my site, but if you look in the comments of the pin, you will see the recipe typed out. Here is the pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/345580971378137381/ Hope that helps!
    1. Sheri, I just tried the chocolate FP cake and loved it! My first experiment with oat fiber and was very impressed with texture and flavor. Very much like a nice cake for a smidgen of the calories! Thanks for sharing!
    2. Hey, these look great… Is there also a way that we can possibly revamp them into a full-size cake? Thank you

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