Convenient Food by Briana Thomas (Giveaway)!

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Convenient Food by Briana Thomas

UPDATE! We have a winner!

First I want to thank all you ladies who entered. I wish that I had more copies to give away! But the winner for this giveaway is:

Megan – gustafsoncrewschool@….

Look what I got in the mail today — Briana Thomas’s brand new cookbook, Convenient Food. It looks amazing! I have been wanting to get her first cookbook, Necessary Food, and just have not got around to buying it yet. Well, Briana offered copies of her book to some Trim Healthy Mama bloggers to review and even offered one that I can give away!

So you know what that means! One of you will win a copy of her new cookbook, Convenient Food!

If you are not familiar with Briana, she is a Trim Healthy Mama blogger and has done an amazing job creating recipes that fit with the THM way of eating. Now she is putting all her creations into cookbooks for everyone to enjoy. You can find her over on her blog here

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post sharing why you would love to win this cookbook.
  2. This giveaway ends at midnight CST on Monday, 11/12/18
  3. A winner will be selected and announced Tuesday morning (I will edit this post to announce the winner). 
  4. The winner will then be contacted to get their mailing information.
  5. Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to those living in the U.S. (shipping is just too much to ship overseas).

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  1. Its just me and hubby i have so run out of things to cook him for dinner I need this for the IDEAS
  2. I would love this book because we are always looking for easy dinner ideas. With my kiddo in dance, volleyball, softball, bowling and me doing some things too - I don't like having to eat out every night!
  3. I would love to win this because I’m always looking for new recipes to try and it would help a lot if I had a cookbook to look at instead of using my tablet/laptop.
  4. I would love to win this cookbook because I need to learn more convenient recipes! :)
  5. Her receipes are deliciously easy and I enjoy the inspirations she shared!! We live the same God!! Yay!!
  6. I love her recipes! It would be a treat to try her new book and have it on our shelf!
  7. I love Briana's recipes. I'm struggling right now with getting back on track with THM and would love to have a jump-start with new recipes.
  8. I love her recipes, they are like homemade recipes made the THM way. It would be great to win her cookbook!
  9. I would love to win Brianna’s cookbook! Our busy life could some convenient, yummy recipes for staying on plan with THM!
  10. I'd love to win this because I need some new recipes, that are fast and convenient, aside from spaghetti and burgers.
  11. Convenient is always better! I love Briana's other recipes and would LOVE to have her new cookbook!
  12. I would LOVE to win her book! Amazing recipes and would make my THM life so much better. Thanks for the opportunity!
  13. I have Brianna's first book and use it a lot; it would be amazing to see what new recipes she has come up with.
  14. I would love to win because I need some yummy inspiring recipes to keep on track.
  15. Wow! I would be so happy to win this cookbook! I am just beginning to learn how to bake foods the THM way and this cookbook of convenient foods is down my alley! Thank you for the chance to win.
  16. My husband and I are trying to conceive again and one recommendation is to improve my diet and nutrition. This would be a great resource for me on my road to conception. I would love to be chosen to win this cook book. But I am enjoying the encouragement as well as the invaluable info on your sight.
  17. Wow....lots of entries.....I would enjoy healthy convenient recipes....and it seems that her book will do the job....
  18. I would love to win Briana Thomas's cook book I am always looking for new meals to cook
  19. I would love to win Briana’s new cookbook! I’ve loved every recipe of her I’ve tried, but buying her cookbooks sadly hasn’t been in the budget.
  20. I would love to win Briana's cookbook. I have been really enjoying her recipes, I like how for the most part they are simple, and she is honest with her opinions when it comes to cooking or baking. If she doesn't like it she will tell you, if it is better eaten cold she will tell you. I would love to be able to use more of her recipes in the book and hopefully start eating better as a family.
  21. With a bunch of kids I need convenient recipes to feed my kids and keep me slim!
  22. I would love to have Briana's cookbook. I'm always looking for new THM recipes to try out on my family of 8.
  23. I have Briana's first book and would love a copy of her second book. She keeps the recipes simple and I love her sense of humor! Congrats on the marriage too, Briana!
  24. My daughter and I THM together with some other ladies. They send me Briana’s recipes regularly to help me out. I would love to win the book and give it to my daughter as a gift!
  25. What a great gift this would be to receive! All of us THMer's have greatly appreciated her recipes and it would be great to have them in book form! Thank you for the opportunity!
  26. I love her recipes but I don't really have a lot of them and would love to have this book!!!
  27. This would be amazing! I have been researching THM for over a month and am overwhelmed. I came across your website and Briana's and have been reading thru them and the THM site and listening to the sisters podcasts. So much to learn!
  28. I would love her cookbook. Since I am new to low carb eating I really need a book with go to recipes and her book looks like just what I need to help with my long journey to lose over 150 pounds.
  29. I have been helping my husband and my daughter with weight loss. The diet book we are using has been helpful but they both are getting bored with the food. I would like something that would include real food and more variety like veggies and fruit that is very limited on this diet. Both are diabetics. Loads of people want this book so hope the most needy get it.
  30. I have been wanting this cookbook for a long time. Would love to win it!
  31. I have enjoyed some of her recipes already, but it is challenging to use recipes from the internet and I would LOVE the ease of using her cookbook!
  32. I would give it as a gift to a family member. I pre-ordered her new cookbook and just got it. I am eager to try it out!
  33. I have her Necessary Food cookbook which I use often. I also use a lot of her recipes on Pinterest. I love how she makes eating healthy simple, economical and delicious, and I love sharing her recipes with my daughters. It would be awesome to win a copy of Convenient Food!
  34. I have made so many of Brianna's recipes over the years since she was a teen, all of which my family and I have enjoyed very much! I would like to have this cookbook to be able to try more of her delicious recipes.
  35. Great recipes that are easy to follow and delicious!! I would 😍to have a copy!!
  36. This cookbook would help me to be a better homeschool mom and grandma. I have been blessed with nine children and seven darling grandchildren. Homeschooling and caring for the children often leaves me short on time to get meals together. I love to cook and THM is my goal but I fall short. This cookbook would help me to be a better mom/grandma and role model.
  37. I love Briana's recipes and would love to have her cookbook :-) My family loves her ice cream recipes, they are delicious!
  38. Cooking and baking used to be a favorite of mine. I used to own many cookbooks because I enjoyed it so much. I got rid of all of those as I began getting healthy and realizing the recipes were full of unhealthy ingredients. Essentially I gave up on something I enjoy because it was no longer healthy for me. Winning this cookbook sets me on the path to redeeming that loss. I would love to find the joy I once had. I also would love to lose all of the excess weight that keeps on adding up. Sadly, after my 5th baby was born earlier this year, I gained a lot of weight. I am ready to lose it the THM way because I know it works, and I know it is healthy for me.
  39. I would love to win this cookbook because my husband and I both need to lose weight for health reasons and with a toddler and a 3 month old finding healthy, nutritious, and easy recipe ideas that work for us is hard. Thanks for the chance to win!
  40. I love my trim healthy mana recipe cookbooks and use them just about every day! I’d love to add this one to the collection and try out some easy, convenient foods :D
  41. Thank you for this opportunity to win Briana's cook book I have THM and the two cook books, my family loves Briana's recipes , having her book would make family meals easier for me . and less I don't want to eat that , my son is on Metformin ,and we need to watch his sugar intake, he has seen some of Briana's desserts and he wants to try them, He loves the ones we have tried on her page .so this would help me with that as well Thank you
  42. I'd love to win it because we have a baby due next month and it would be great to have quick yet delicious recipes to work with!
  43. I would love to win this book! I’m getting back into the THM lifestyle and some new recipes would be a huge help!
  44. I would love to win Briana’s new cookbook because the recipes and THM advice she posts on her website have been so helpful and encouraging to me in my own THM journey. Her recipes are practical and easy for this “Drive-thru Sue” to follow!
  45. I would love a copy of Briana’s new book. She has wonderful recipes! How wonderful to promote her book and bless someone with a free copy.
  46. I would love to win this book - I can use some inspiration for some healthy recipes that my family will enjoy!
  47. Wouldn't it be some kind of special blessing to win Briana's book! I would love that! Thanks for the giveaway!
  48. I would love to win Brianna’s cookbook because I love her recipes. She is si talented.
  49. I would love a copy of her new cookbook. I am excited to see how her recipes may have changed now that she is married.
  50. This would be a great addition to my THM recipe books. Briana's recipes are so easy to follow which I like for my 16 and 12 year old daughters.
  51. What a great giveaway. I have used recipes from her first book both for my family and the children in my Family Childcare.
  52. I would love to have this cookbook. That way I could own a "THM" cookbook without my husband realizing its THM.🤣 Plus I've considered buying one of the books anyway. Maybe I could put that on my Christmas list if I'm not chosen. 🤗
  53. I love Brianna's recipes and have been wanting her cookbook for so long. I would be so excited to have this, it would help me so much.
  54. I already own and live Necessary Food. I follow Brianna and live her recipes. Some THM people have great recipes that are complex and use a lot of unusual ingredients. Not with Brianna. Additionally, my daughter wants to start THM and I think Brianna’s recipes would be greatly appreciated by her.
  55. I have been living the THM lifestyle for years now and I would love some new recipe inspiration. My hubby just started really trying to follow the plan and I am extra busy with homeschooling and working as a nurse part-time so this would be a blessing!
  56. I would love to win this cookbook to help me get back on track.
  57. Busy mommy of 3, homeschooling 2, pastor's wife, church secretary, etc, etc, etc... I loved Briana's other book and would LOVE to have this one, too! :)
  58. I would love to own a copy of this cookbook and would share it with my daughter, who has been following THM for awhile now. I am intrigued to learn more about it myself!
  59. I did THM for about a year an a half but fell off. I am trying to get back on track and this would make the perfect birthday present 🎂
  60. I am a newbie to THM and would love to have a cookbook to help me get started with it.
  61. I love Bribana's recipes! About 2 yrs ago her recipes were a huge part of me being able to reach my weight goal - I was so happy to have found someone so helpful, sharing her wisdom.... Since then, I've gotten way off track as I struggle through a really dark and discouraging season of life and allowed junk food to be my best friend...the effects of that have added even more discouragement. I would love to have a copy of her new cookbook to give me motivation to start over and feel better again. Thank you to both of you for this opportunity! God bless you!
  62. I would love to bless a friend with this book. I pre-ordered Convenient Food and already received it. It looks great. Like you, Sheri, I've been wanting Briana's first book Necessary Food and haven't bought it yet.
  63. I am a newbie to THM. I love Briana's recipes. I would love to win her book.
  64. Thank you for the opportunity to win Briana's cookbook! I love the variety and ease of her recipes, and I love eating the outcome!
  65. Thank you to you and Briana for your generosity! I would love to win a copy of this cookbook because I love the variety in Briana's recipes and do not yet own her first cookbook.
  66. Love her recipes! I’ve been following THM 3 years and have lost 77 lbs but the last year I haven’t been able to drop any. I’m about 45 lbs from being at a healthy weight. I’d love to try some new recipes to change things up and hopefully get the scale moving. Thank you!
  67. I would love to have one of Brianna's cookbooks!! They're both on my wish list!!
  68. Love her recipes. Would love to win this to try even more of her delicious recipes.
  69. I’m like you in the sense that I haven’t got around to purchasing her first book either! I would love to have her great recipes in all one place! Thanks for the chance!
  70. I have her first cookbook and absolutely love it! I cant wait to see what the second one has in store. :)
  71. I love Brianna’s recipes. Just made her rice pudding last night. Yum! Would love a copy of her book!
  72. I LOVE the recipes by Briana Thomas & so grateful for being able to access the ones she’s posted publicly. My husband (newlyweds since May) is learning all about THM & he’s enjoyed Briana’s pumpkin spice smoothie this week & just found out today he’s eating cottage cheese for breakfast!! 😉
  73. I have the first cook book and really like it. But I read that this book was supposed to have less heavier foods like cheese. Super excited about that!
  74. I would love to be able to try her recipes as I have tried some of her other recipes and my family loves them.
  75. Ooooh! I would love a copy for my daughter! Thanks for the chance to win it!
  76. I enjoy Briana's recipes and would love to win a copy of her new book! Blessings!
  77. Brianna did a fantastic job on her previous cookbook, and I’d love to win a copy of this one. 😃
  78. I have enjoyed Briana's recipes that I have found on Pinterest while looking for THM recipes. It was so nice of her to send an extra copy!
  79. I am working with my 20 yr with DiGeorge Syndrome, in order to teach him wise food choices so that he will be well equipped as he works to live independently.
  80. I have tried several of Briana's recipes. They are always terrific. I'd love to have a copy of her new cookbook.
  81. Borrowed a copy of the first book, which is great, and would like to have my own copy of the new one. Sounds wonderful!
  82. Wow. I'd like to win too. I haven't ordered her first book yet, but both are on my wish list.
  83. I have her first cookbook and love it. I read cookbooks in my leisure time....I have shelves of them!
  84. Can you believe it? I had preordered this book only to receive the empty box today! It looks like someone just stole it right out of the box! I will try to remedy this tomorrow!
  85. I'm going to start THM with my sister and would love to have as, many resources as I can and this book would be a great tool as I start this journey! I follow both you and her on pinterest and love what I see so far! Thanks for helping us all!
  86. I received her cookbook today as well. My oldest daughter loves her recipes and I would like to win the giveaway for her. She has been on the THM journey off and on for about two years now. I would love to surprise her with her own copy. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
  87. I have Brianna's first cookbook and really enjoy it! The recipes are delicious!! Also the pictures she puts in the book add such a beautiful finishing touch ( so tempting to make and their not one bit unhealthy; ) I would be tickled to be able to lay my hands on her new book!
  88. I just love Brianas Recipes.... Her 2nd cookbook is high on my wish list
  89. I would love this cookbook because I follow her on Pinterest, love her recipes, and it would be great to have recipes in book form so I can find them quickly and easily!
  90. Love her recipes! Hmmmm, would I keep this or give it to my sister?! :-)
  91. As with most anyone else if you love THM you love Briana Thomas and I would love to win.
  92. Love Briana's recipes! As a cookbook collector, my collection is much smaller now that I am a Trim Healthy Mama! I'd love to add this one to my stash.
  93. I love her first cookbook, especially the drinks! I would love to have her new one. My husband lost 25 pounds eating THM.
  94. I would love to have her cookbook as I need to get back on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. The last month has been really hard for us.
  95. Omg this would be awesome to win! I am new to THM and need all the help I can get. So far I have been on Brianna's site and your site a lot when I have questions or need a recipe. I love to read your blogs, they are so informative.
  96. I love the THM lifestyle! Thank you Sheri and Brionna for all of your contributions to helping your sisters!
  97. I have wanted her first cookbook for a long time! I would love to win this one as well!
  98. Would love to win the cookbook as I need some new recipes to get back on track!
  99. I am a single, working mom and student and I need foolproof recipes that will help me put meals together for my family! This would be perfect because I also need help with staying faithful to THM!
  100. Just starting THM and this cookbook would be such a big help to keep me going. ;)
  101. I love Briana and her recipes! I'd love to have one of her cookbooks.
  102. I need to win this book because I need all the help I can get to hop back on the wagon.
  103. I totally love Briana and her recipes!! She always has the perfect recipe for whatever I’m planning! Would love her cookbook!
  104. I love Briana's recipes (and yours, Sheri!). With baby #7 on the way, some "convenient" THM recipes would be a blessing.
  105. I have her first cookbook and use it daily. I love her recipes because they are not complicated. I am in no way a gourmet cook and I feel at home with her recipes. Thanks for all the hard work making life easier for us Trim Healthy Mamas.
  106. I would love to win this cookbook because the recipes look delicious! Love the THM lifestyle! Thanks for the chance!
  107. Her recipient are always amazing and I would love the new cookbook!! You are awesome for doing a giveaway and it would be so nice to win ;)
  108. I'm so happy for Briana & her marriage!! I have enjoyed many if her recipes online but to have them all in a book to flip through at my kitchen table would be so fun & encouraging to me on my THM journey! Thank you for giving a cookbook away!!! :)
  109. I have been following Brianna and would LOVE to have one of her cookbooks! Cooking for a family of 10 can be quite a challenge. I need all te help I can get.
  110. Sherri Graham and Briana Thomas are my favorite Trim Healthy Mama geniuses. I'm always looking for new THM recipes and find that Briana's and Sherri's are the best. I'm still learning the plan and winning this cookbook would be such a blessing.
  111. I love her first cookbook, and would love to have this one also. Her recipes are always so good.
  112. I love Briana's first cookbook. I would love to have her second one!
  113. Hi! Thank you for doing the giveaway! I would love to have this recipe book. I’ve been doing THM for about a month. I purchased the plan book and one cookbook. I would love to win this cookbook to add to my “healthy tools” to help me on my weight loss journey! I’ve been struggling lately and this would be a great treat and motivation to keep me moving along! Thank you!
  114. I am new to THMso would love to win this cookbook. All my friends rave about her recipes!
  115. I'm pregnant with baby/blessing #9 and would really appreciate the convenience of it. I think that it would really bless my family as well and with Christmas coming up, the extra expense would not be wise.
  116. I do not have the budget to purchase this and I think there will be a lot of useful recipes in it for me.
  117. What an exciting giveaway! I loved Brianas first cookbook, can’t wait to try her new recipes. She is so innovative with her food!
  118. I love Briana;s recipes and would really appreciate having my own book of her famous recipes.
  119. Oh wow! I would love a chance to win Briana’s new cookbook. I love her recipes that she posts, but I don’t have an actual cookbook from her yet.
  120. Oh, I love Brianas recipes! I oils luv this book because, I have 2 of the Trim healthy mama cookbooks, but only as an ebook because it was cheaper...I would love to have a Actual cookbook of her recipes that are Thm friendly, right in my hands, in real life! It would help my ADHD self be more organized too! Lol!
  121. I follow her blog and just love her recipes. I don't have her first cookbook, but would love to have this one to use (and share with my daughter, since she shares her copy of the first cookbook with me.) :-)
  122. I love Brianna's first cookbook and I would love to win this one! I can't afford to buy it.
  123. I’ve heard nothing but great things about her precious cookbook! I utilize THM, but would love some new recipes to try!
  124. Love her recipes! I already preordered my copy, but would give a copy to my mom if I win since she was the one who introduced me to THM!
  125. I'd love to win a copy for my daughter, who is a single mom, loves THM, and I'd love to give this to her for Christmas! (She's lost 42 pounds so far and is still going strong!)
  126. I am new to doing THM and need some help. This looks like a great cookbook. Thanks
  127. I'd love to try one of Briana's cookbooks; I don't have her first one. New ideas are always welcome!
  128. I would love to win this! I'm a beginner to THM, and am trying very hard to get my family into a healthier lifestyle. This would be a true blessing!
  129. I have Briana's 1st cookbook and love it. I haven't been able to purchase her new one, but I know it will be just as wonderful. It would be a blessing to win.
  130. I would be blessed to win this cookbook from Briana through you Sheri! She is so talented in thm-ifying recipes and she is an ice cream kinda gal. After she got married and moved I was close to her in SE Texas, would be honored to have this in my collection.
  131. As trim healthy mama beginner I often do internet searches to find recipe ideas. I often find myself scrolling briana’s blog and get many of my recipes from her site. I would love for it to be at my finger tips!!
  132. Anything that will help me on my healthy eating journey is greatly appreciated! 😁
  133. I need a reset with Trim Healthy Mama. I would enjoy having this cookbook for ideas.
  134. I have her first cookbook and would love to have this one to expand my recipe options! With 4 teens, I need all the help I can get with healthy family friendly recipes.
  135. I have Briana's first cookbook and enjoy it very much. Looking forward to seeing what her second one contains!
  136. I have dabbled in THM but never totally committed. I guess it just took me a long time to be comfortable and committed. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life and have every reason health wise to take this seriously. I am looking forward to adding Briana's second cookbook to my resources to help me on this journey,
  137. I would be so happy for this cookbook!:) I collect cook books! I have lots, to many to count, would make a great addition to my stash!:)
  138. I have the first one and enjoy it so much, the second I am sure is just as enjoyable.
  139. I would love to win this to try more of her recipes. I’ve been sticking pretty strictly to the THM cookbooks but I would love to branch out and try others.
  140. I love Briana! She always has awesome ideas. Her cookbook would be awesome to have.

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