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THM Friendly Editable Menu Planner – 15 Styles {free download}

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A variety of menu planning forms.

After I posted the free editable menu planner yesterday, someone commented that it would be nice to have one that was more Trim Healthy Mama friendly — A menu planner that had columns for snacks as well as the main meals.

So, since I love creating forms, I created a brand new menu planner for you that is THM friendly! The planner is editable, meaning that you can change the headings across the top and side, as well as type in the squares the meals and snacks. I also added a bunch more styles! There are 15 different styles of borders you can choose from. I do hope this makes your Trim Healthy Mama menu planning more efficient and fun!

Get the THM Friendly Menu Planner (15 Styles) Free Printable

Get the THM Friendly Editable Menu Planner
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  1. Thank you so much for these...I am just starting out on THM, and you make it so doable for me. I really appreciate all you do for your readers...visiting your blog is like chatting with a sweet friend. God bless you!
    1. You are welcome Cara! I hope the menu planner pages help to keep you organized and on plan! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words too! They made my day! :)
      1. I have looked and looked for something like this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! One question, is there a way for me to have everything typed over to the left hand side rather than have everything centered?
        1. Oh and I hope you don't mind, I just shared this on the Trim Healthy Mama fb page. So so great!!
        2. So glad you love the forms! As far as having the text left justified, it is possible but I would have to go into the file and reformat it all. Right now I am out of state visiting family. But if you email me later next week I can see about creating a new file for you.
    1. Hi Rebecca, I checked and I see where you signed up, but for some reason the email failed to be delivered. I wonder if it is going into spam. Can you try adding my email address to your "white list" or add it to your address book and then try again? My email is: sheri@sherigraham.com. Let me know if you still can't get it to work and I can go in and manually set it up. Just let me know, ok?
  2. I just signed up, but it send me a 10 THM Recipe ebook, which is very nice, but I am really looking for the editable planners. Thanks! Allie8302@yahoo.com
  3. I saved this and have used it for weeks. Love it. Now, all of a sudden, when I open it, it opens in edge and I can't edit or do anything with it. I'm not real smart when it comes to the computer so I can't figure out how to use this again. So disappointed. Don't know what my computer did to change things.
    1. OK, so I just accidently fixed it! I right clicked on the file name and saw in the menu "restore to previous version" I clicked it because I figured it didn't work so I couldn't break it and there I was able to choose Adobe and now it works again-wow. I'm impressed with myself-it was purely accidental! I've been messing with this for a couple hours!
    2. Hi Linda! I'm so glad you got it figured out! The best thing to do is to save the file to your computer, not open it up in your browser. Save the file to your computer, then open it using the free Adobe Reader program. It should work fine in Adobe Reader. Anyway..for what that's worth -- so glad you got it to work though!
  4. hi. I just go to a chart after download? not editable for me on home computer..would you know why?
    1. Hi Mary, First, make sure that you save the file to your computer. It is a PDF files, so you should be able to save it and then open it with the free Adobe Reader program. If you are viewing the file in your browser, I don't believe the editable fields work right. Try saving it first and opening it on your computer and it should work fine. Just let me know if it doesn't, ok?
  5. Are we able to print ur free download? I think your download is amazing and would love to hang on my fridge if we are allowed to print them.
    1. Hi Misty! Yes! ONce you save the PDF file to your computer, you can type into them and save them, and print them as much as you want. Enjoy!
  6. Wow, this look so wonderful, you say they are Editable but I seem to only get a pdf not editable. What am I doing wrong.
    1. Hi Elaine, The whole document is not editable, but there are fields (which should be blue) that you can click on and type into. Make sure you save the PDF file to your computer and then open it up in Adobe Reader. Also, make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader. I'm not sure how you are opening it, but sometimes when you open up a PDF file in your browser the editable fields do not work right. Let me know if you can't get it figured out, ok?
  7. Thank you for these awesome and incredibly useful menus! So kind of you to make them available :)
    1. Dear Charlene, You are welcome! That was my goal to make them useful for others and make their THM journey easier. Have a great day!
  8. You are so kind to make these for us. I continue to enjoy my THM journey.
  9. Thank you very much. This is extremely helpful. I have the book but without people like you and Gwen (Gwen's Nest) and apparently countless others like you who share so freely and generously I'd be lost. It's taking me a while to figure all this out. I just hope you and others who share can link up as "affiliates" (?) with other websites like Amazon, etc., with whatever products you use so that you may also benefit financially from links to those products. You guys deserve it.
    1. Hi Frances, Thank you for your kind comments! I am glad to help in this way! I wish you the best as you begin the THM journey.
  10. Thank you so much for the variety of THM-friendly menu planners! I'm always looking for one that is "just right" :-) I love the editible ones and the fact that it has room for 3 snacks/day--I don't always have 3 snack a day, but love to have the space for 3 of them! Should you go on another "form-making" stint, :-) I would love to see one made in the landscape format. Thank you again for your hard work and willingness to share! Blessings to you!
    1. Hi Mary, So glad the planner pages are helpful for you! I'll consider doing some in landscape format..just need more time :)!
  11. Your are so amazing! Thank you for your hard work and for helping those of us that are struggling right now. I'm not a very good plan ahead person and this will really help. Thank you.
  12. I read the beginning of this site. 3 times before I realized it says THM "editable" Menu; I kept reading it as "edible" Menu and my thought was THM food is more than just "Edible " I must need coffee and something edible as I wake up reading FB! Nice giggle to start my day, edible menu!
    1. Hi Nancy! Don't worry...you aren't the only one who read it "edible"! Yes, get something to eat and then all will be well :). Have a great day!

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