Adding in More E Meals in Your Trim Healthy Mama Menu [Video]

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Adding in More E Meals in Your Trim Healthy Mama Menu

A reader sent me a note recently asking me how to incorporate more E meals into your diet. She was also wanting some ideas for E meals and some non-sweet snacks. In this short video I talk about the importance in including E meals in your day and give some tips that have helped me. Enjoy!

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  1. Great ideas! Thank you so much. I love the “Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip” idea! That will be so versatile. The Chocolate-Covered Cherry Shake on page 471 in the Trim Healthy Table cookbook is an awesome E snaack.
  2. Hi. Sheri, I really enjoyed this great video. For me, it's the perfect amount of info. Much more than this and just becomes too overwhelming! Thank you for all you do! By chance do you have the transcription of this video on your website? Regards, Sherri
  3. I was able to listen to your video this morning, (don't know why I couldn't see it, must be my phone.) and wanted to say thank you for sharing your ideas for E meals. I also usually do an E meal for breakfast or for lunch, rotating each day. My standard is oatmeal, but I love the pancakes when I take time to make them. I also love greek yogurt with fruit mixed in. I find it funny that when I eat an E meal I often find I feel tired sooner. So much for energizing. But I keep eating them because of the fiber I get from them that I need. Thanks again for your thoughts, ideas and recipes.
    1. Dear Kassie, I'm so glad you were able to at least listen in to my video! Sorry the video didn't work though. Not sure what caused that. I do notice that E meals don't fill me up as much. They are very "energizing" for a while, but then I do feel like I need something before the next meal. I know they talk about that in the THM book, to be prepared with a FP snack that you can have a while after an E meal. S meals don't do that as much, but I do notice that too, with E meals. Thank you for your encouraging words! I am enjoying doing these videos and look forward to doing more. Have a great day!
  4. I had been chiding myself for avoiding E meals...and what did find in my in box this morning?! (I'm on the other side of the world -so early morning) I am encouraged that I am obviously not alone in this and sat down to oatmeal this morning. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder of how important this is.

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