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Cantaloupe Smoothie

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Last summer one of our local grocery stores carried some locally grown cantaloupe and it was SO good!  We kept going back and getting more, we just couldn’t get enough.  We were sad thinking that the season was going to end and we wouldn’t have any more fresh cantaloupe to eat.  So…we decided to buy a bunch to freeze, thinking that we would be able to thaw and eat them like they were fresh.  Well, we were a little disappointed that they didn’t quite meet up to the same quality after it had been frozen.

So I have had three gallon bags full of cut up cantaloupe sitting in my freezer since then, not knowing how to use it up…until now!  Enter…Cantaloupe Smoothie!  We LOVED this recipe (even my kids who don’t necessarily like to eat cantaloupe!) and I hope you enjoy it too!

Cantaloupe Smoothie

• 2 bananas, peeled (fresh or frozen)
• 3 cups cantaloupe, diced (fresh or frozen)
• 2 cups orange juice
• 2 cups plain yogurt
• 2 tsp. vanilla
• 4+ teaspoons honey

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Enjoy!

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    1. Hi Linda, Again, this recipe was one I posted before starting THM. Note that all my THM recipes are marked so you can know for sure they are THM friendly. This one would have to be an E because of the bananas, but it would probably be way too high in carbs even for an E meal, with the juice and everything. Hope that helps!

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