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Trim Healthy Mama {Tuna Salad on Crispy Pita}

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I was hungry for some tuna salad one day a while back, so I mixed some tuna up with some fat free mayonnaise (that would make this lunch a “Fuel Pull”).  I then cut apart a Joseph’s pita bread and microwaved them to crisp them up.  To assemble I simply put some romaine leaves on the pitas then spread tuna salad on top.  I then sprinkled some salt and pepper on top.  Yum!

These were so good!  I need to get busy taking some more pictures of what I have been eating the “Trim Healthy Mama” way!  Many of you have been enjoying getting a glimpse into what this “Trim Healthy Mama” way of eating is all about.  I will continue to take pictures of meals and post them as often as I can.

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  1. Dear Sheri thank you so much for your website. I enjoyed the recipes you have come up with, showing me some of the meals you have eaten, before and after photos of weight loss (you have done very well), and the other informative topics, as well. I will keep visiting and learning from your site!
    1. Dear Alison, Thanks for your words of encouragement. It blesses me tremendously to hear from those that have been helped by my site. I pray that I can continue to be a source of encouragement to you in the weeks and months ahead! Have a great day.
  2. Where do you buy Joseph's pita bread? Locally? I know Super Walmart's carry it, but I don't have one real close. I haven't used many wraps for lunch yet, because I'm usually trying to keep this meal in the E range, and I haven't found time to find my favorite E wrap. (But some fuel pull lunches would be good too.) Thanks for sharing your THM photos/recipes/inspiration with us.
    1. Hi Michelle, I get ours at our local super Walmart. You can buy them at Netrition.com here: https://www6.netrition.com/josephs_bakery_pita_bread.html. They have a flat fee shipping cost, so you could order a bunch of packages and freeze them. Just a thought. You can also use low carb tortillas for your lunches. Just a thought! Have a great evening!
      1. Thanks Sheri. I'll look into both of those. For a while I was on a stricter diet then even THM and I wasn't eating wheat, so I haven't tried the low carb tortillas yet. They aren't in all our stores around here, but I think some local store has them.
        1. I wish you the best in finding these pitas. I have been enjoying getting the lavish bread. I cut one in half and smear it with mayo and mustard, fat free lunchmeat and lettuce and roll it up. Yum! Have a great weekend.

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