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Rich Chocolate Fudge

As you can tell, I LOVE chocolate…and this fudge recipe is SO good!  I like to keep some sort of chocolate or sweet treat in the refrigerator for an afternoon snack or after-dinner dessert.  It helps me stay on plan, have the yummy sweets, and not feel guilty about it..and still lose weight in the process!

This Rich Chocolate Fudge recipe can be found on page 386 of the Trim Healthy Mama book.

After I mixed them up, instead of putting the fudge into a pan to harden in the freezer and then cut into squares, I took a cookie scoop and scooped the fudge into ice cube trays.  I put the trays in the freezer to harden, then popped the fudge out and into another container to keep in the refrigerator.  It worked great and gives me good uniform-sized pieces!

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  1. Could you please post the recipe. I have the new THM plan and not the old one (THM book) and I cannot find the recipe anywhere, even in the THM Cookbook. Thanks!
    1. Hi Erin, I can't post the recipe for the fudge out of the THM original book because that would be violating copyright laws. But I did find a fudge recipe that looks similar to the one from the book, and it is THM friendly. Here is the link: https://www.margeauxvittoria.com/simple-trim-healthy-mama-milk-chocolate-holiday-fudge/. You could also do a search online or on Pinterest for "THM fudge" and probably find a lot more recipes to try. Good luck!
  2. Does this have a dark chocolate taste or a milder taste? I'm wanting something that is more semi-sweet chocolate than dark chocolate.
    1. Hi Wendy, This had a really rich flavor to it, not bitter like dark chocolate is sometimes. I would say it is more semi-sweet like you are wanting. I hope that helps!
  3. Sheri, I'm having issues figuring out the serving-size for this recipe. What do you suggest is a *safe* serving size? Thanks.
    1. I do know that this recipe is pretty rich, so I would think a couple pieces would be fine. When I made mine I did small tablespoon sized scoops with a cookie scoop. Hope that helps!
  4. I made this the other day but instead of putting in the fridge or freezer, I used it as a frosting for the Secret Agent Brownie Cake. It is my favorite THM recipe so far!

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