My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Bloggers!

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Many of you have been enjoying Trim Healthy Mama and all the yummy recipes that are out there. Well, today I wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite Trim Healthy Mama bloggers!

My Favorite THM Bloggers

These ladies have done tons of work to bring you yummy THM friendly recipes. You can check out all my THM recipes and posts here, but if you are needing some more inspiration, please take some time to check them out. You’ll be glad you did!

A Home With Purpose

Briana Thomas

Grassfed Mama

Gwen’s Nest

Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

Simply Healthy Home

The Coers Family

I know there are many more bloggers out there that are creating and posting wonderful THM recipes, but these are some of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite THM blogger?  Please post the link in the comments for all of us to enjoy!

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  1. Is my favorite unnamed blogger for THM menus and recipes!
    1. So glad this list of bloggers helped you! I really need to update it as there are tons more great THM bloggers out there now :)!
  2. I have a question for other THM. For E meals, I know that they recommend sprouted grain breads, but in the list of grains for E meals they say that you can eat whole grain breads even wheat bread. Is this approved? I cannot find any of the Joseph's Pita's or any sprouted bread that I can afford. My Winn Dixie sells the Ezekiel Bread, but it is nearly 6.00 per loaf. I just need a good bread that I can eat with my E meals. Help me out please.
    1. Hi Pamela, The only way that they really approve whole wheat bread is if it is prepared by allowing the dough to ferment in the refrigerator for a few days before baking. Here is an example - Gwen's Easy Bread recipe and it is really good - I know that buying the Ezekiel bread is expensive, but I look at it that using that bread is only ONE way to get some E meals in. I also make bread using the recipes in the THM cookbook and that is much cheaper too. I have some Ezekiel bread in the freezer for when I want something quick or want a piece of toast with breakfast. But to answer your question you cannot just have wheat bread like you buy in the stores. It needs to either be sprouted or fermented to reduce the carbs. Hope that helps!
  3. I have only just this week started blogging, but after the sucess we have have had (hubby is down 80lbs!) we will never stop! This is my first post I have written about doing thm on a budget Hope you like it x
    1. Hi Heather! Congratulations on your success so far! That is great! It is great, too, that you and your husband are doing this together. Thanks for linking your new post, too. Lots of great ideas there! Thanks for sharing!

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