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I decided to try the Basic Sandwich Buns recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama book and they turned out great!  This bun is gluten-free, low carb and so yummy.  I made myself a delicious hamburger for lunch one day with some mayonnaise, mustard, hamburger, tomato, and lettuce.  It was delicious!  This bun would work great for any type of sandwich.  I think I will try these the next time I make sloppy joes for dinner.

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  1. Is this recipe in the THM table book? Because I can't find it in the other one.
    1. Hi Pamela, The recipe that I refer to in this post is from the very first THM book. I did find a recipe online that is very similar that you can try: Hope that helps!
    1. Hi Tonia, I did not include the recipe because it is copyrighted and in the original THM book. You can find tons of THM bun recipes though, if you Google it. Here is one recipe that I found: Here is another one for Garlic Cheese Rolls: Hope that helps!
      1. It would be SO helpful to be able to share!! I understand the copyrights however everyone can't afford to purchase all the books or the special ingredients. I'm not arguing just stating MANY people eantbto follow the plan completely to do it right just saying.
        1. Dear Jeanie, I understand your frustration, but I have to be careful to follow the laws on copyright. When I first wrote this post, THM was just starting out and there were not many bloggers blogging about it. Since then there have been bloggers who have gotten permission to share a recipe here and there from one of the THM books, some have created their own recipes that are THM friendly, etc. So I did a little search and found a couple recipes that you can try! Here they are: I hope that helps and gives you a recipe to try if you don't have one of the THM cookbooks. You can also check your local library! Many libraries are now carrying some of the THM books!
    1. Hi Heidi, The recipe I used out of the book was one that I just used one bun and cut it in half for my hamburger. I know there are some recipes out there for the THM breads that you actually use two buns for a sandwich (one for the top and one for the bottom). I think in those recipes, the bread doesn't get as big and tall maybe so that is how they do it. Hope that helps!
  2. Hi - thank you for taking the time to put this great site together and share your recipes. I am new, very new and still waiting for my book to arrive. If the concept is fats with fats, and carbs with carbs I don't understand how we can mayo on a bun. Is it because that bun is such low carbs that it doesn't count? Lol lots to learn, but intrigued.
    1. Hi Betsy, You are right in that the THM buns I refer to are higher in fat and very low carbs. This would be an "S" meal. So having some mayo on the buns and having hamburger (higher fat) is ok with this meal. It will all make sense once you read the book and let it sink in a bit. Just give yourself time to process and understand the THM way of eating. It will come, I promise!

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