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Trim Healthy Mama {Lavash Chips – “Fuel Pull”}

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Chips in a bowl on the table.

I love chips.  I love having something crunchy to snack on.  But we all know that store-bought chips are not the healthiest thing to be eating.  When I started eating the Trim Healthy Mama way, I wanted to find something that could replace chips in my diet…along came Lavash Bread.

Lavash Chips – “Fuel Pull”

1/2 Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Joseph’s Lavash Bread
1 teaspoon butter, unsalted
Seasonings (garlic salt, sea salt, cinnamon & Truvia, taco seasoning, etc.)

Cut Lavash Bread in half and place on a paper plate.  Spread butter on top and sprinkle with desired seasonings.  Microwave for 40-50 seconds.  Lavash will crisp up when it cools.  Once cool, break into pieces and enjoy! If you don’t want to use the microwave, you can also place the Lavash Bread on a cookie sheet and bake until lightly browned.

If you fix these Lavash Chips according to this recipe, you can eat up to double this recipe (fix a whole Lavash with 2 teaspoons butter) and still stay in the Fuel Pull category.  You can also just make them plain with no butter and seasoning on them, then add a topping.

You can make this snack an “S” by adding some “S” toppings or an “S” dip.

Isn’t eating the Trim Healthy Mama way easy, fun, and yummy?  I hope you enjoy these chips!


Nutritional Information (using 1 teaspoon unsalted butter):

Calories: 61

Fat: 3 grams

Net Carbs: 4 grams

Trim Healthy Mama {Lavash Chips}


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  1. This recipe came at the perfect THM moment..... “I NEED AN EASY SNACK THAT IS SATISFYING!!!!!” Thank you!!!!!!!
  2. Made these up for my four day weekend trip! Absolutely amazing...did some with salt and garlic powder and some with cinnamon and sugar substitute!! Will definitely make these again and again!!
  3. I had Brie with no crackers. I used butter and a little Italian seasoning and this was so easy and so so good! Can’t wait to try cinnamon and sugar because I’m cinnamon obsessed. Will be doing this over and over.... Ty!
  4. The crunch factor in these lavash chips is wonderful. When I break them up or cut them after baking, there are always little crumbs and pieces left. I used a rolling pin to further crunch them and have "breaded" with it. Since the chips are quite fragile, I don't think traveling with them in a baggie would work. Try a plastic container with a lid.
  5. Thank you! I just made several batches of salsa! Now I will be able to enjoy it with these chips :)
  6. I am going on a trip and was wondering if I could make these up the night before I leave and put in my suitcase for the weekend to snack on if put in a ziplock bag. Will they stay crisp for 3 days? Also can I dip in salsa and still be fuel pull? I'm leaving Friday morning so hope you reply before I leave. Thank you so much.
    1. Hi Roxann, I don't think it would be a problem to make up some chips ahead of time. I know my mom makes up some individual baggies and leaves them on the counter for snacks. Just be careful to go sparingly on the butter. I think the more butter you use the moister the chips can get and they won't stay crisp as long. As far as adding salsa, you do have to be careful because I think the tomatoes are higher in carbs. I like to smear some laughing cow cheese on mine to eat. Yum! Have a great weekend!
  7. Hi Sheri...thanks for your website here....I'm doing some serious copy and pasting into my ipad so I can have your recipes at a glance! I went grocery shopping to day and was looking for the "laugh cow cheese"....couldnt find it. Neither have I found "Joseph's pita or lavash" breads. Can you tell me where I can get these? Thanks :) Jan. PS. I'm starting on the THM beginning tomorrow. I'm hoping to have an amazing 2014 weight loss experience!
    1. Hi Jan! Congrats on starting THM! I find the laughing cow cheese in the refrigerator section where the cream cheese. It is in a little round flat container. The Joseph's pita and lavash breads are found at Walmart either up on a table in front of the deli or in the section in the bakery area where they have tortillas. I buy both of these items at Walmart. Hope that helps!
  8. Going to go try this now. I am so bored with my THM food after 8 weeks. I need new stuff, and this sounds great. Thanks for posting it
    1. One thing I like to do too, is instead of using Lavash Bread, I use the Joseph's pitas to make chips. The carb and fat content is the same as using 1/2 lavash bread and it seems like it makes more chips. I cut the pita in half so I have two full circles and then crisp in the oven or microwave. Then I smear it with Laughing Cow cheese. SO good! I hope you like them!
    1. If you eat more than a half of a lavash bread, then the carb count is higher making it more of an "E" meal. If you eat it with chicken breast (which is low fat) and salsa you should be fine, but it would not be a Fuel Pull meal..it would be an "E". Hope that helps!
  9. I did cinnamon, truvia and cayenne. Sprayed them with coconut oil spray to make it all stick. Sweet and spicy!! :)
  10. Where can I find this bread or what could I use in its place? I live in Ontario and I have not been able to find it.
    1. Hi April, You can also use low-carb pita breads. Can you find that there? Joseph's sells pita breads too, but maybe you can find another brand that is low in carbs?
    2. Hi April, You can find Joseph's lavash and pita bread on line at either The low Carb Grocery, or at Low Carb Canada if you live near Toronto you could just go to The Low carb Grocery store...........I deal with them online and have never been dissappointed....
  11. Oh my goodness these are so yummy with butter and garlic salt. I made some and spread with light laughing cow cheese, this is my absolute new favorite!!
    1. That's great Rashel! I love these chips too..they are great to put on salads for some extra crunch. Make some taco ones and use them to make a taco salad! Yummy.
  12. We eat these all the time. Seriously. All. The Time. They are a lifesaver when you need something quick and didn't plan another snack. SO GOOD with Laughing Cow Cheese - that stuff is manna from heaven. Thanks for linking up at Trim Healthy Tuesday! I'm going to try it your way next time and add some seasonings. Yummy!
    1. You are welcome Stacy! I am going to try the Truvia and cinnamon the next time..that sounds really good! :)
        1. Kind of like what we used to do growing up where we rolled out extra pie crust and spread with butter and cinnamon and sugar and baked until crisp. I am going to have to try this...soon!!

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