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Since the very first Trim Healthy Mama book came out in 2012, I have purchased every single one of these! Some of you who are new on the scene with THM may not realize that they have published all these books. So I wanted to have one place on my site where I could share some of my thoughts on each of these books – the pros and cons! Enjoy!

Trim Healthy Mama
Published September 2012
642 Pages

This was the very first book published by the “sisters”, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. It is a HUGE book, with 642 pages, and covers all the research and science the sisters uncovered while creating the THM plan, as well as many recipes.

Pros: Contains tons of information on the science behind the THM plan, if you like that kind of thing. Also has a lot of conversations back and forth between the sisters, making the book very fun to read. This book has a ton of yummy recipes to try, but keep in mind this was before all the THM products came to be. In some cases, you may find the recipes easier to do since you won’t have to have the THM products to make them. On the other hand, there will still be some ingredients that you won’t normally have on hand.

Cons: If you just want to get to the main points of the THM plan and don’t need or want all the extra research and information, then this book may not be for you. It may be too much information for some and might discourage you from getting started.

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
Published September 2015

512 Pages

Trim Healthy Mama Plan
Published September 2015
336 Pages

These next two books, Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and Trim Healthy Mama Plan, were published next in 2015. Due to the requests of those trying to begin and implement the THM way of eating, the sisters decided to publish a smaller book that contained “the plan” and another one with just recipes. The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook contains all new recipes, along with beautiful color pictures. The Trim Healthy Mama Plan explains the how and why behind the THM way of eating, but in a little shorter format.

Pros: It was much easier to use the recipes when they were all in one place and not spread throughout the book like they were in the first Trim Healthy Mama book. The cookbook is also beautifully illustrated with images of the recipes. I also liked having all the information behind the plan in one Trim Healthy Mama Plan book, so that I could just set that book aside to read through on its own.

Cons: The only real “con” that I can think of, is that if someone didn’t know anything about Trim Healthy Mama and bought the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, they would not really understand what the eating plan is all about. They do provide a short section explaining it a little, but not quite enough (in my opinion).

Trim Healthy Table
Published September 2017
560 Pages

Trim Healthy Table is the most recent book to be published by the sisters and it has been a big hit! Without a doubt, this is my most favorite one so far and I will explain my reasons below!

Pros: This book addresses some of the issues that many were facing — wanting more recipes they could fix for their whole family (not just single serving recipes), wanting more practical recipes that don’t use a lot of special ingredients, while also providing some good basic information on the THM plan. This book does all that!

They have narrowed down to three chapters at the front of the book how to do the THM plan! Then the rest of the book is full of yummy recipes for the whole family! Beautifully illustrated with tons of photos of the recipes, makes this cookbook fun to use. They also provide sections on one pot meals, crockpot meals, freezer meals, and more!

Cons: Hmmm. To be honest, I can’t really think of any. I think they hit the nail on the head with this one. It does the best of giving a good overall view of the plan, plus tons of yummy recipes to try. I guess the only thing I can think of is that if you really want to know much more of the science behind this way of eating, you will probably want to grab the original Trim Healthy Mama book or the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book.

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  1. Can you recommend any specific recipes from the most recent book, including page number? I preordered it, was thrilled to get it in the mail, and then dismayed to find that the recipes either didn’t seem appealing or were just different versions of stuff I’d already tried. I’m truly passionate about making good food, and I’d considered just sticking it on eBay. It seems a shame to do so without giving a single recipe a try. Maybe you can motivate me to try one!
    1. Hi Tabitha! Ok, I will try to motivate you to give a few recipes a try! :). I have to admit that I very easily get stuck in a rut and don't try new things (and my family isn't very adventurous either), so trying new recipes is a challenge for me too. But here are some of the recipes that jumped out at me that I am going to or have already tried:

      Chicken Fried Double Rice - pg. 53

      Egg Roll in a Bowl - pg. 63

      Good Grub - pg. 64

      Save Your Waistline Crockpot Lasagna - pg. 86

      Chicken Fajita Soup - pg. 90

      Easy Pizza Casserole - pg. 126

      Meatballs, Rice, and Gravy - pg. 211

      Wonderful White Blender Bread - pg. 242

      Hangry Pockets - pg. 320

      Pint Jar Oats - pg. 343

      Oatmeal On the Go Cups - pg. 350

      Big Bowl Cinnamon Oatmeal - pg. 354

      Blueberry Muffins - pg. 364

      Incredible Peanut Butter Cookie Muffins - p. 371

      Cinnamon Butter Bundt Cake - pg. 380

      Brown Rice Crispy Treats - pg. 438

      Peanut Chocolate Whip - pg. 442

      I hope that gives you a few to try out!

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