Teach Us to Number Our Days: How To Redeem the Time {Part 5 of 5}

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This will be the last in this series of How to Redeem the Time.  I pray that this series has been an encouragement to you to consider where you are at, what you are doing, and make some adjustments.

The last area that I want to look at can be found in Ephesians 5:21…

… and be subject to one another in the fear of Christ. – Ephesians 5:21

What does it mean to be subject to one another?  

To me it means to serve one another out of our reverence for Christ.

It means putting others first.

It means investing in their lives.

As believers in Christ, we need each other.  

We need the fellowship, the love, the support, the accountability, the prayer, the wisdom…

Begin with prayer!

Something that the Lord has been impressing on me lately is in the area of prayer…being more intentional in praying for my family and friends.

Many times we cannot be physically close to some of our family and friends, but probably the most valuable way we can invest in their lives is to intentionally pray for them.

That doesn’t mean we stop at prayer, because there are many ways the Lord may lead you to invest in the lives of your family and friends…taking a meal to a new mom, offering to babysit for free, providing some financial counseling, being a listening ear, helping clean a house, offering a ride…the list goes on and on.

But I want to encourage you to start with prayer so that the Lord can show you what specific things you can do to invest in people’s lives that would be most beneficial for them.

A neat tool to use for your prayer list!

I wanted to share what I have been doing to keep track of the people and requests I pray for.  I am using Evernote!

You set up a free account online, and then you can download it to your desktop and download free apps for your mobile devices so that they all sync together.  In Evernote I set up notebooks for different things I am writing or keeping track of.  I set one up and called it “Prayer”.  Then in that notebook I have “Notes” labeled for each person that I am praying for.  In each note I have typed in the requests I am praying for.

I love it because I can add requests on my desktop, then sync it to my Kindle Fire.  When I am sitting down in the morning to do my Bible reading and prayer, I just go to my Evernote app on my Kindle and open up the Prayer folder so that I can pray for the requests.

My plan is that when requests have been answered, I will type in “Answered” at the bottom of the note page and move the request under that title, along with the date it was answered.  That way the current requests are at the top for easy access during my prayer time, but the answers are kept at the bottom as a reminder of what God has done in their life!  I love it!

Prayer List Apps

Prayer Notebook

Mobile Knee

Prayer Card

Prayer List

Challenge:  Begin intentionally praying for your family and friends.  Call, write, or email, asking them to share with you some specific things they would like you to pray about.  Then choose a method to keep track of those requests and begin praying!  Along with praying for your family and friends, seek the Lord about additional ways you can invest in their lives.  How can you be Jesus’ hands and feet to them?


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