The Intentional Planner – Time for Updates!

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I just wanted to post a quick update for those of you who are using The Intentional Planner.

Next week I will be working on updating all the files on the Intentional Planner membership site!  I know many of you are wrapping up your homeschool for the year and are beginning to do some planning for the coming year.  I want to get these files updated for you so you can have them over the summer to plan.

If you have any ideas for new forms you would like to see added to The Intentional Planner, please feel free to send me those ideas using our Contact Us page!

We are wrapping up our homeschool year this week and are looking forward to summer.  Of course we will continue our read-aloud time each afternoon and I will have the kids continue doing some review.  I look forward to delving into some projects around the house and the kids are excited about extra time to play and explore.

On another note…I have been working on a new project behind the scenes…a brand new website geared toward learning new things.  I am not quite ready to reveal it to you yet…but soon!  Watch for details coming soon!

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