Knitting a Dishcloth

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Besides knitting a scarf or two, my first real knitting project was knitting dishcloths. This is the pattern I have used. It is pretty easy and the dishcloths are wonderful! I love them! My great aunt used to make these all the time (even when she was almost blind) and had given me a few for our wedding. When I was wanting to start learning to knit, I tried to find this pattern…and I found it on the internet!

Here is the link to a good beginner dishcloth:

Once you master the basic pattern above, it might be fun to try one of these variations to the pattern!

Then….you can try one of these state dishcloths! I just finished up one and it turned out cute.

State Dishcloths to Knit (Scroll to the bottom to find a link to a cute baby feet cloth pattern as well!)

These dishcloths are fun and don’t take too long to make. They are great beginner projects and make great gifts as well! These cloths can also be used as washcloths and given as gifts in a bath & body type gift basket. Have fun knitting!

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