Sheri’s Trim Healthy Mama Shopping List

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Sheri's Trim Healthy Mama Shopping List

Many have asked where to buy some of the ingredients mentioned in the THM book, so I decided to put my own Trim Healthy Mama shopping list up for everyone. While a lot of these foods can be found at your local grocery store or health food store, some can not. Some people prefer to order online instead of running around looking for these items. I hope this is a help to you as you join the Trim Healthy Mama journey! [Note: Many of these links are affiliate links, meaning that when you make a purchase a small percentage comes back to me. Thank you!]

Sugar-Free with Sheri

Ceramic Ramekins – These work great for all the muffins and cakes!

Diamond Ice Cube Trays – These would be fun to use to make the THM chocolate!

Krups Grinder – I use this grinder all the time to grind up flax seed, chia seed, and to powder the THM sweetener!

Quest Nutrition QuestBar Protein Bars (These are the only flavors of these bars that are on plan: Double chunk chocolate, Strawberry cheesecake, Lemon cream pie, Coconut cashew, Banana nut muffin, Cinnamon roll, Chocolate peanut butter.) These would be great to have on hand for a little snack when on the go!

Oat fiber

Coconut Flour

Coconut Oil (I buy this at Walmart)

Almond Flour

THM Baking Blend



Pure White Stevia Powder – Trim Healthy Mama now has their own brand of Stevia!  You can buy Stevia Powder, Erythritol, or a blend (like Truvia) at the Trim Healthy Mama website!

Erythritol or buy the new Trim Healthy Mama Erythritol here!

Trim Healthy Chocolate Chips

Chia Seeds

Whey protein powder

Chana Dal Beans

Flax seeds (I buy in bulk and grind in a coffee bean grinder.)

Joseph’s Pita Bread (I buy this at Walmart)

Joseph’s Lavash Bread (I buy this at Walmart)

Unsweetened Almond Milk (I love the Silk brand, and I buy this at Walmart)

0% Greek Yogurt-unsweetened (I buy this at Walmart)

1% cottage cheese (I buy this at Walmart)

Egg whites (I buy this at Walmart)

Defatted Peanut Flour

Whole Psyllium Husk Powder

Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges (I buy this at Walmart)

Light Progresso Soups (I buy this at Walmart..lots of different varieties to choose from)

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

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  1. Why are the flavors of Quest bars limited? I thought all the quest bars met THM guidelines - I myself am I chocolate brownie girl. I can see maybe cookies and cream not being, but any reason why those flavors listed above are only planned approved? Is it ingredients or carb numbers? Thanks!
    1. Hi Jenn, I can't remember why, but this were the ones that a moderator posted at one time I think. I have never bought these, so I don't know for sure what the difference is as far as carb counts, etc. Maybe you could post this question to the THM Facebook page!
  2. Hi: I am a very busy post menopausal women with a history of hypothyroidism since my 20s. I have also not touched beef, pork or organ meats since age 14. I eat poultry, seafood, eggs, and cheese. I am lactose intolerate now in my pre-elder years. I say I am buys because I work as a nurse case manager and also as a social security disability attorney (7 days/week). I gained all my weight in law school which I completed in sync with menopause. I need to simplify. I find shopping and cooking a chore and a bore. I need fast, simple and trim and healthy. I don't ask much LOL.
    1. I know there are others who deal with similar issues as you and are doing well with THM. Check out all my post and the Trim Healthy Mama website (and books) and see if you can start down a path of better health!
  3. question about the Progresso Light Soups - which one(s) are ok on THM? question on the Joseph's Pitas and bread at Walmart - in the bread aisle - I have not seen them. Thanks!
    1. Hi Teena, I am pretty sure that any of the Progresso Light Soups are ok. You just have to watch if you get the regular soups and not the "light" ones. On the Joseph's Pita Bread and Lavash Bread, this is usually not found in the bread aisle at Walmart. I have two Walmarts that I shop at and one has the Joseph's products on a low table in front of the deli area. The other Walmart has a separate display near the produce section and bakery that has the Joseph's products as well as some tortillas and other things. I hope that helps!
      1. Hi Sheri, I find your blog very interesting and informative, about the Progresso soups, are they considered an E meal or an S meal? Thank you!
        1. Dear Ruth, I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog. If you get the Light Pregresso soups, I believe they are FP. They are pretty low in fat and carbs. I hope that helps!
          1. The light Progresso soups are listed as a personal choice E meal and it excludes any of the cream style ones. THM's say to add sprouted bread to complete the meal.. They are also listed as a FP meal on their own, just watch out for the creamy ones.
          2. Hi Janette! You are right -- the creamy ones are higher in fats I think so you have to be careful. I love having some soup, though, with some Lavish chips on top! Yum!
  4. Hi Sheri, I have started THM and have a few questions I can't seem to sort out. Would you mind answering them for me? 1. Do you need an E meal and an S meal everyday…in other words, have to balance those two, correct? 2. The recipes in the book don't say serving sizes. How do you know basically how much is a serving? 3. What is the fuel pull for? Thank you so much!
    1. Hi Michele, I'll try to answer your questions :)! 1. The three meal types you will rotate are S, E, and FP (fuel pull). I think most people tend to have more S and FP meals and snacks, and then filter in some E meals here and there. Some have 1 I meal a day and some don't. I think it just depends on what you like and how your body responds. Some have said that they have to have E meals or they don't lose. Some have to limit E meals to a few times a week in order to lose. So you just have to give it a try. But there isn't one set formula. That is what is so neat about THM, you can adapt it to you and your body's needs. 2. As far as serving sizes, the main thing you need to be watching are the fats and carbs, making sure you don't go over the limits on those for the S and E meals. Besides that, feel free to eat until you are full :)! 3. The fuel pull meal or snack is one that is very low in carbs and fats. It basically does not give your body a fuel source, forcing it to burn stored fat. The FP is good for changing things up and helping boost your metabolism. I hope that helps!
    1. Hi Lee! There is a recipe in the book for a wrap using the psyllium husk powder. I also made a bread recently that is really good. The recipe is found here: I hope that helps!
  5. This is a great list, i would LOVE someone in Canada to put a list like this together, it would save me SO much time!!
    1. Hi Kerry, I am also in Canada, and I found a website in Canada called which had most of the products listed above, and free shipping over $100 I'm just starting out THM but I knew finding some of this stuff would be a dealbreaker for me!
  6. is a website with cheaper almond flour (cheaper by the pound) but you buy a 25 pound bag a time. Almost half the price of the amazon link you have above for almond flour.
    1. Hi Sheri, I link to some you can buy on Amazon, but I actually bought mine from Azure Standard (a health food coop I buy from). HOpe that helps!
  7. Sheri, THANK YOU! I have so many questions, and no-one near to bother!! I am still reading the book...will need to read it again. Wow. Its message is a good one!!! <
    1. Hi Kathy! You are welcome! Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have and I'll do my best to answer them. Also check out the THM Facebook group. They are an excellent source of help. Welcome to THM!
      1. Thanks, Sheri. I am reading the book on the eReader edition from the THM website, and haven't found it as easy to navigate as some books...but it could be my darned iPad, too. I will buy the hard copy as soon as I can justify the $35.00, but in the meantime it's good to know that I have someone to call on, to ask questions! Your grocery list was terrific, (saved me a lot of time), and I intend to put it to use today! I have crawled all over the web seeking info, and am on the THM FB page, as well. Have you lost weight using this plan? It sounds so...biblically...right on! <
        1. Hi Kathy, I like the hard copy better myself. There is just so much to read and absorb, that for me it helps to have a hard copy in my hands so I can easily flip back and forth. I'm glad the shopping list is a help to you too. Yes, I have lost about 30 pounds doing THM in the past year. I have a few more I'd like to lose, but I haven't been working at...just maintaining really. If you want to see all my THM posts, see this page: You will find a post I did about my results. Wishing you the best - and you are right - THM is very Biblical and makes so much sense! Have a great day!
    1. Hi Laura! Wow! Congratulations on the weight loss..that is awesome! Keep at it and you will reach your goal. Thanks for sharing :)!!!

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