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Buttermilk is VERY easy to make yourself. It is so nice to have it on hand to use in my pancakes, breads, and other recipes… and it is good for you. Here is the recipe. All you need to make buttermilk are the following two ingredients:

  • Whole milk (store bought is fine, but don’t use “ultra-pasteurized.”)
  • ¼ cup of buttermilk (homemade or store bought – this is your starter)

Put ¼ cup of store bought or homemade buttermilk into a 1 quart canning jar, then fill the jar up with whole milk. Seal the jar and shake it well.

Put the jar somewhere where it will be a little warm, such as in a dark kitchen cupboard, and leave it there for 12-24 hours. I like to put my quart jars in the oven with the light on over night. By morning they are usually set up. After 12-24 hours, it should be set up a bit. My buttermilk is always a lot thicker than the store-bought – almost like yogurt. That is fine, though. Shake the jar and place it in the fridge. After it has cooled, you have buttermilk to use!

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  1. How long will the buttermilk last in the frig? Can I use my homemade buttermilk to start my next batch of buttermilk? Have you made this with raw milk? Do you do anything different? Thanks!
    1. Hi RaShell! The buttermilk will keep in the frig for several weeks. I always use mine up before it has a chance to go bad. Yes, you can use some of your homemade buttermilk for the next batch. When I get to where I have a half cup or so left, I put a bit in 2 quart jars, fill with milk, put the lid on, shake, and set on top of my freezer for about a day until it sets. I have been using the raw milk that I have been getting and it works even better! It seems to set up a lot quicker than the store-bought milk. It really is easy...and it is SO good for you! Have fun!
  2. It seems to me KEFIR can't be much harder to make than buttermilk, just use kefir starter. Ever made kefir? :) I think it would alot easier than yogurt...having to scald milk and all. But I've never found a method to try it.

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