Homemade Cream Cheese & Whey

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  • 1 quart (4 cups) of plain Yogurt (not low fat or fat-free). This yogurt can be store-bought or homemade
  • A small glass bowl
  • A small strainer with a handle that can sit on top of the bowl
  • Some potato sack or thin cotton dishtowel
  • Plastic wrap

1. Place the strainer over the small glass bowl, and put the potato sack over the strainer.

2. Put the yogurt onto the potato sack that’s in the strainer over the glass bowl.

3. Put some plastic wrap over the top of the yogurt to prevent contamination. Bring edges of cheesecloth or dishtowel over top of the edge of the strainer and let the extra lay on top of the plastic wrap. If you don’t get these edges all brought up and inside of the strainer, then they will drip whey all over your refrigerator! Then put the whole thing in the refrigerator.

4. Wait 24 hours, then remove the whole thing from the refrigerator. In the glass bowl will be some yellowish whey, and in the potato sack or dishtowel in the strainer will be cream cheese.

Basically, you separated the whey from the cream in the yogurt. Pour the whey into a quart jar, put a lid on it, and store it in the refrigerator to be used as mentioned above. The cream cheese can be scooped out of the cheesecloth or dishtowel and placed in a small container in the refrigerator to be used in recipes or as a spread.

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  1. This can also be done with kefir. You will have “kefir cheese” and kefir whey. Wonderful post!
  2. I cringe when I think of all the times I made whey for my daughters infant formula, only to ignorantly throw away all that wonderful cream cheese! Thankfully I have learned a thing or two along the way, thanks to wonderful posts such as this. :)

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