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He Has Called Me To Be Faithful

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He Has Called Me To Be Faithful

Last week as I was reading through Sarah Mackenzie’s book, Teaching From Rest, I underlined sections and copied them into my journal. I wanted to share one sentence that stood out to me as I was reading…

“He’s called me to be faithful, yet I’m determined to be successful.”
– Sarah Mackenzie, Teaching From Rest

God calls me to be faithful, and yet so many times I neglect to be faithful because I want to be successful. I think that things or situations have to be “perfect” in order to proceed, instead of just being faithful to do what God calls me to do. Let me explain what I mean as it applies to different areas of my life.

  • I feel God leading me to do more with video for my readers, but because I don’t have all the right equipment (cameras, microphones, etc.), I put it off and don’t do anything — instead of just using what I have (my laptop with the web cam) and doing some videos.
  • I keep searching for the perfect homeschool curriculum that will make our homeschooling a success — instead of just being faithful to use what I have.
  • I want to have some friends over for dinner, but don’t ever get around to it because the house isn’t ever in the shape I want it to be — instead of being faithful to have friends over anyway.
  • I know I need to start fixing some healthier snacks for my kids, but since I don’t have a plan all made out and ingredients on hand, I decide to start next week — instead of seeing what I do have on hand and making a snack with that.
  • I want to spend more time in Bible study but I am waiting until I find the perfect study to go through — instead of just reading through a chapter a day and journaling about it.

So many times we put off doing anything because we are waiting for things to be “perfect”. We neglect to be faithful because we are so focused on being successful in all we do.

What God asks of us is that we be faithful and leave the results to Him. Our focus should be on being faithful in the little things He calls us to do each day and trusting Him for the results (or success).

This is totally changing my outlook on things. I am seeing so many areas of my life that I have held back because I was afraid I wouldn’t be successful. That fear is being chipped away little by little as I take those baby steps forward in obeying Him and being faithful.

How about you? Are you being faithful?

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