Finding Joy in Handwritten Notes

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Over the past month or so, I have started a new weekly habit…mailing out at least one handwritten note.  I have found such joy in ministering and encouraging others in this way.  In this world of texting, messaging, emailing, etc., the handwritten note is getting lost.  I want to bring it back in my own life…and encourage my children in this area as well.  You will be amazed at the opportunities that the Lord will give you to minister through a handwritten note!

Over the weekend, a gal I went to high school with posted on her Facebook page that her 17 year old son is in Basic Training.  (On a side note: They are a homeschooling family!)  She wrote of his struggles to maintain his Christian witness while in close quarters with others who are not living for the Lord.  He is determined to make a difference though.  She shared that if anyone wanted to send him a note of encouragement to let her know and she would send his mailing address.

After reading her post, I felt the Lord nudge me that I needed to send a note of encouragement to this young man.  So I messaged his mom, got is address, and yesterday we mailed him a card.  I asked my younger children if they wanted to send anything in the card too.  My 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter were really excited to do something for him.  My son drew an Army guy (from a picture I printed off the internet) and my daughter colored a princess picture (I’m sure he is going to LOVE that one!) – both of these are shown in the picture above.

We all had a lot of fun knowing that were encouraging this young man in the Lord…doing something little in most people’s eyes, but knowing it was big in God’s eyes.  We will be praying for this young man too…and just might send another card at a later time.

If you think this is something you may be interested in, here are a few steps you can take to get you started…

1.  Order some nice cards.  I really like the cards that you can buy through CBD.  You can get a box of 12 very nice cards for $4-$5!  That is even cheaper than buying the cheap cards at the Dollar Store!  Make sure you have some cards and stamps on hand…now you are ready for the next step.  Click here to go to the CBD website to look at their cards.

2.  Make a list of people that you would like to send cards to.  This can be family, friends, neighbors..whoever the Lord lays on your heart.  This list will give you direction when you choose who to write a note to each week.  Now there will be times that the Lord will bring an opportunity your way (like I shared above) and you will know without a doubt that that person is who needs a card that week.  Listen to the Lord’s leading in this and allow Him to use you to encourage just the one who needs it.  When you send a note, jot down the date you sent it next to their name.  This list will be a record of who you have sent cards to and when. (I have made up a form for this that is going to be added to the Intentional Planner membership site soon!)

3.  Each week, seek the Lord as to who to send a note of encouragement to, then sit down and do it.  Address it, stamp it, and mail it out that day.  Don’t put it in a pile to send out later.  Do it now!

It really isn’t that hard to send a simple handwritten note.  Pray and ask the Lord if this is something you can start doing to bless and encourage others.  You will be blessed in return!

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  1. There is a Mennonite company called GVS Distributors that sells cards that are fairly inexpensive, and they have beautiful cards. It is a mail-order only catalog. Their number is 1-800-398-2494.
  2. What a great encouragement to me!!! I've been wanting to write more handwritten notes to people. In the past I've had more opportunity to do this. I'm going to try to make this a bigger part of my life. I've participated in seed and tea exchanges which has given me an opportunity to meet someone new. It's nice to get a little "treat" in the mail and yet fairly easy to do. As I write, sometimes I pray for the person. Thanks for letting us know what is working for you and also sharing the story about this young man.
    1. Thanks for sharing! I do hope my post encourages you to consider sending out handwritten notes to encourage people. I guarantee YOU will be blessed too!

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