Fun Nativity Craft to Eat

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Our children’s pastor came up with this fun project that he found in a book….so I rounded up the supplies and we made them together as a family one night last week.  I thought I’d share the idea with you.

The stable is made from graham crackers glued together with frosting (you can use white frosting-we used up some frosting left over from frosting sugar cookies, so we had red and green).

Joseph and Mary are Keebler cookies.

The animals are animal crackers.

Holiday marshmellows are used for the star on the top of the stable and the trees around the stable.

The manger is made from 4 pretzels glued together with frosting – two on the ends and two tipped diagonally in between.

The hay is rice noodles.

The kids had so much fun putting these together…then eating on them of course when we were all done.  Enjoy!

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  1. I have been looking everywhere for directions to make one of these! We did something very similar 6-8 years ago at Breakfast with Santa at our church but we used individual milk cartons as our base and added the graham crackers to it. This will be so very helpful!!!!

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