How to view and participate in my videos LIVE!

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How to view and participate in my videos live

Since Blab is probably new to many of you, I thought I would do a quick post explaining what it is and why I have chosen to use it to record my videos.

What is Blab?

Blab is a live streaming video platform that allows you to “host” a Blab. The “host” can invite a “co-host” to join them during the video, as well as open up two other “seats” (4 total people) for others to join the video.

Viewers can view the Blab video “live” without signing in (with Twitter), but won’t be able to participate by leaving comments or joining in the live video.

If viewers sign in with Twitter, they will be able to comment, leave questions, etc. in the comments section. They will also be able to join the video live if seats are opened up at some point during the video.

Viewers can “Follow” people on Blab so they will be notified when a video goes live.

The Blab platform is meant to be an interactive experience, where the viewer can interact with the host doing the Blab.

Why I chose Blab to record my videos!

Over the past couple months, I really felt the Lord prompting me to put myself out there more and to be more available to my readers. While I love to blog and do the weekly newsletter, I was wanting a way that I could interact with my readers so that I could better serve them.

At first I thought that Periscope was what I would use. But when I realized that the phone I have would not work to record videos on Periscope (it doesn’t have a forward-facing camera), I began looking for another alternative. I read about someone that loved Blab and started researching about this new platform.

The more I read about it, the more I liked it. Not only could I record video, and have viewers interact with me via the comments section, but I could have others join me as well! I was also going to be able to put the videos and audios on my site for my viewers to view later. It was a win-win! (Links to all my videos can be found on my Video Archive page!)

How you can join me live on a video!

  1. Go to the Blab website.
  2. Sign in with your Twitter account (you will have to sign up with Twitter if you don’t already have an account).
  3. Go to my Blab page and “Follow” me so you will be notified when I go live with a video. (I will also try to send a note out to my newsletter list about the scheduled video).
  4. When you receive the notification, click on the link to go to the live Blab page. Then enjoy the video!

Note: Again, you can view any Blab without signing in, but you won’t be able to comment or participate live in the video.

Disclaimer: Just a word of caution. Not everything you will find on Blab is worth watching! I love seeing Bible studies, and Christian counseling type Blabs on there, as well as home business, and self-help type Blabs, but unfortunately you will find lots of other topics that you will want to stay away from. So please be careful!

Will you join me?

Hop on over to my Blab page today and “Follow” me! I’d love to chat with you in the next video!

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