5 Steps to Capture the Memories This Season

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5 Steps to Capture the Memories this Season

With the amazing technology we have nowadays, it is so easy to capture those precious family memories using our phones. No more toting around a big camera everywhere you go. You simply pull out your phone and snap a shot!

But…do your photos get lost and forgotten? Sure you post them to Instagram and Facebook, and maybe even have it set up to save all those photos to your Google Photos or Amazon Prime account. But do you ever go back and look at them? Do your kids have fun flipping back through the photos, laughing and recalling the fun family times?

If this is you, I have an amazing solution — Chatbooks!

I couldn’t believe it when I came across this service. It is the perfect solution!

In a nutshell, here is what Chatbooks are all about. You download the Chatbooks App to your phone first. Then when you use your phone to take pictures of fun family times (vacations, milestones,  holiday activities, or just everyday fun stuff), you can flag the photos you want to be added to your Chatbook.

Once you have 60 photos added, the Chatbooks service will print a beautiful photo book and ship it to you automatically! You can even add captions to the photos if you want! Isn’t that amazing?


I love that the Chatbooks come with the volume number and date on the binding, so you can easily see when the pictures were taken. It also makes it easier to keep them organized on your shelf.

Now that you kind of know what Chatbooks is all about, let’s get into the 5 steps to capture the memories this season:

1. Intentionally plan memory-making activities with your family.

No matter what time of year, it is important to be intentional about planning fun, memory-making activities with your family. Our family has some fun family traditions that we do every Christmas season and I’m sure you do too. So the first step is getting some of those activities onto your calendar!

2. Download the Chatbooks App to your phone and get it set up to create your Chatbooks.

The next step is to get the Chatbooks App downloaded to your phone. You will want to have it all set up so that you will be ready to capture those precious memories!

3. Snap photos of you and your family as you make those memories together.

Now that you have the app installed on your phone, have fun snapping photos of all those special memories! Flag the ones that you want to keep and add to your Chatbook.

4. Finalize your Chatbook!

So you’ve had some fun times together as a family, you’ve captured tons of special memories, and now your Chatbook is full! Chatbooks will send you a notification when you get close to the 60 pictures needed to create a Chatbook. Before it finalizes your Chatbook, you can remove pictures, add pictures, and edit or add captions.

Once you have it the way you want it, Chatbook does the rest!

5. Enjoy the Chatbook with your family.

Your Chatbook will be in the mail to your home in no time and you will have those memories that you can look at again and again. Your kids will enjoy pulling these off the shelf and flipping through them often. What a wonderful way to keep the memories alive!

Document your memories with Chatbooks!

I love it when I find resources like this to make my life easier. I also love that the cost of these Chatbooks is very reasonable, making it very doable for every family.

Get started today documenting your family memories with Chatbooks!

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