Living Intentionally + Resources to Help You!

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Live Intentionally + Resources to Help!

Through the years that I have been blogging, there has been a theme that has been at the heart of all I have done and that has been being intentional. Life passes by too quickly to not be intentional about each day and making the most of it.

A while back I had a close friend lose her husband. We know he is celebrating with Jesus today, but his passing was somewhat unexpected. Just a month before his passing, you could not have predicted what the future held for him and his wife. How quickly life changes. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

While I am so thankful of the hope we have in Jesus, the assurance we have that life on this earth is but a drop in the bucket of eternity, God wants us to live our lives with intention. He has a plan for each of us here on this earth and we need to be intentional about living it!

I think that is why recently I have been burdened with creating products that help others be intentional in their life — whether it be in planning their day, scheduling their meals, doing Bible study and prayer time, or planning their homeschool.

I want to encourage you, my dear readers, to live intentionally. Seek the Lord about what He is calling you to do, how He is calling you to live, and be intentional about living it!

Before I close this post, I just thought I’d highlight some of the products I offer that will help you to live intentionally.


The Intentional Planner is a planner I created to help me be more organized! Maybe it will help you too!

TheIntentionalJournal-cover (1284x1927)

The Intentional Journal is a 1-year journal. Journaling is something that can easily become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The Intentional Journal is intended to be used to journal daily what is going on in your life. Each day is only one-half page long, giving you enough room to journal but not so much that you feel overwhelmed to fill it all up. My prayer is that journaling can become a part of your daily life as you intentionally record special memories, lessons learned, milestones reached, or things you are thankful for…each day of the year. (Ebook & Softcover)

The Intentional Bible Study Journal

The Intentional Bible Study Journal was created out of my own desire to have a place to record my Bible study notes. I have really benefited from my Bible study time using the SOAP method and decided to create a journal that you can use to record your thoughts as you study the Bible using this method. (Softcover)

In the Word Bible Study Series

In the Word, Volume 1, is the first book in a series that will guide you through reading and studying the Bible in 3 years! (Ebook & Softcover)

Intentional Quiet Time Journal

Intentional Quiet Time Journal – If you are more on the creative side, this journal is for you! A place to record your Bible study notes with enough pages to last you 6 months! If you want a more “boy” version, find that one here! (Ebook & Softcover)

Intentional Prayer Journal-cover2

The Intentional Prayer Journal is intended to be used as a weekly prayer journal. Each week is on a two-page spread, with a place to write requests to pray for each day on the left side, and a place for answers to prayer and journaling on the right side. My prayer is that this journal will help you be more intentional in your prayer life and that it will also be a special record of God’s faithfulness to you. (Softcover)


May each of you have a very blessed day as you strive to live intentionally!

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