Christmas…a Season for Giving!

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By the time you receive this post, we will have gathered already as families to celebrate Thanksgiving, and now our attention will be turned toward Christmas.  There are so many things that can build and nurture family relationships this time of year.  In this article I want to touch on some ideas for you to consider as you serve and give to others as a family in the coming weeks.

The following are some ideas for serving others as a family this holiday season.  I’m sure you and your family will come up with MANY more ways to GIVE to others this holiday season. There is so much JOY in giving! We have SO MUCH…why not give some away to others and bless them…you will be blessed in return! are some ideas for you…

::: Visit a local nursing home as a family and sing Christmas carols to the residents.

::: Cook some meals for a family in need (single parent, elderly person, family dealing with medical issues or a family crisis, etc.)

::: Make up a bunch of gifts in a jar and have these on hand to give out to anyone who visits your home during the month of December.

::: I have started somewhat of a tradition…if anyone visits our home the day I’m baking bread, a loaf is sent home with the visitor! Why not share some of your home-baked goods with visitors…they will be blessed!

::: Choose a missionary family to send a gift package to.

::: Gather the kids in the kitchen and have a baking day!  Choose several different cookie recipes and have fun filling up Christmas plates with goodies. Wrap in red or green saran wrap and top with a bow and homemade gift tag. Deliver these to neighbors, widows (Many elderly would LOVE to have some home-made goodies. Many aren’t able to bake like they used to and would really be blessed by your goodies!), friends, etc. Use as an outreach opportunity and attach a homemade Christmas card with the message of salvation included. (See the links below for an ebook I put together for making cookie plates and some free labels you can use!)

::: Choose a charity to give to this holiday season…such as Compassion, Samaritan’s Purse, or World Vision. There are many to choose from. Our family enjoys browsing through the Samaritan’s Purse catalog and choosing projects to give money towards. It helps our children to really understand where their money is going when they purchase a water filter so a family can have pure water, or buy blankets to keep families warm, or buy a goat so a family can have fresh milk, etc. It is so much fun to GIVE….get your kids involved and you WILL be blessed!

::: Choose a family in need (one in your church or community) who may not have alot of money to buy gifts. Purchase gifts for them, wrap them, and deliver a gift to their home every few days during the month of December. Leave the gifts on their step to surprise them…or deliver them all at once.

How about you? Over the coming weeks, look for those opportunities that the Lord puts in your path to give and bless others. I think you will be surprised how MUCH you have to give and how BLESSED you will be in return.


Resources you can use:
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