Homemade for the Holidays #6: Shopping List Envelopes

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Here is a fun project for you….and I have done all the work for you!  Quite a few years back I got this idea and made up some of these shopping list envelopes for gifts.  These are pretty and practical gifts that anyone will love!

Here are the directions:

1 – Download the Shopping Lists Envelopes file – click here to download.  (For another version of envelopes that can be used all year round, click here to download!)

2 – Next you will be printing these onto business sized envelopes.  Load some envelopes in your printer so that the print will print on the front of the envelope.

3 – You will need to make sure your printer settings are set so that the paper size is 4.13″ x 9.5″.  Most printers have a setting for business envelopes…just make sure you select the right size or set it manually if you have to.

4 – Now print these beautiful envelopes…as many as you want.  I have included 5 fall themed and 5 Christmas themed envelopes.  So depending on what kind of gift you are making, you can print all of them, select a few of them, or print all the same kind.

5 – Now take your stack of envelopes you printed and tie them with a pretty ribbon.

These can be a gift all by themselves, or put them together with a plate of goodies or some sort of gift basket.

Have fun!

If you want some more fun little projects to make, check out my ebook, A Season for Giving!

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  1. This is so cool! Thank you. I remember one time that someone had already done something like this, right on envelopes to buy. That's what I was looking for, but this is great! Thank you.
  2. This is a great idea! Do you have a plain version, or other seasons too, for year round use? I really need to get that new color ink cartridge now....
    1. I could make a plain version for you. I will do that and post the link, then maybe add it to my menu planning forms download page on my site, ok?
      1. Thank you, Sheri! I really, really love this idea, I will be getting an ink cartridge ASAP. Think I will add it to my new shopping list!
    1. Hi Samantha, Try right-clicking and saving the file to your hard drive. It is a PDF file, so maybe your browser does not support PDF files or something so it won't open up. Also make sure you have the free Adobe Reader on your computer. If not, it can be downloaded free online. Just let me know if you still have problems, ok?

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