Whole Wheat Tortillas

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4 cups whole wheat flour (I like to use hard white wheat, freshly ground)
1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt
7 Tablespoons olive oil
1 1/3 cups warm water

Mix flour and salt in a Bosch mixer with dough hook, or your food processor.  Add in olive oil slowly until mixture is crumbly.  Slowly add in warm water.  Add additional flour if needeed to make a nice soft dough (not too hard, but not too sticky).  Let it mix until the dough is nice and smooth.

Divide into 12 balls and let rest, covered with plastic wrap, for 30 minutes.

Press and bake in tortilla maker OR roll out and fry on hot griddle.

Enjoy your whole wheat tortillas!

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  1. just came across ur website and i must say u have a few awesome ideas but what i was interested in, when u make ur whole wheat torillas with ur tortilla maker, do they turn out soft. I have a lil sandwich place in ontario and i buy my wraps and i like them cuz they are soft and very plyable to work with
    1. Hi Tammy! The tortillas are soft when I make them in the tortilla maker. You should give it a try! You'll love it!
  2. Thanks so much! I was looking forward to getting a tortilla recipe and here it is! Tortilla makers are not so easily available here in Spain, but I will just try rolling them out... can I freeze them??
  3. I LOVE making tortillas. I have the same brand as you do, but the place I got mine doesn't carry that brand any more. I got mine through our co-op for wheat. Here is the link to the one they currently are carrying, if anyone is interested. https://www.breadbeckers.com/store/pc/ChefPro-10-inch-Flat-Bread-Maker-69p2846.htm
    1. Hi Tammie, Here is a link to our Amazon store with the tortilla maker I have (It is a Villaware): https://astore.amazon.com/grahamfamilym-20/detail/B00005R85X It is not currently available at Amazon, but you might find it someplace else online. It seemed when we bought ours, that it was hard to find. There may be a more current model out now too. We love ours and it makes making tortillas so easy!

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