My Weekend Project: Crocheted Slippers!

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Crocheted Slippers

I love to crochet. It is just one of those things that relaxes me and brings me the satisfaction of making something useful with my hands.

This past weekend I decided to crochet some slippers. I hate wearing my shoes around the house and do not like slippers that make my feet hot. So I wanted to find something that I could make that would protect my socks from wearing holes in the bottom and not be too hot.

I found this pattern for crocheted slippers and decided to give it a try. The slippers turned out great and they are so comfortable to wear! My 10 year old son loved them so much he wanted me to make him a pair. He has a favorite pair of Oklahoma Sooners socks and they had worn a hole in the bottom of one of them. So he asked if I could make a pair of red slippers for him that he could wear with his OU socks.

His slippers turned out great too.  I adjusted the pattern down to make them a bit smaller for his feet, and he also wanted them to come up the ankle a bit more so I added a couple more rows around the top.

My only blooper in this whole project is that I picked out some yarn that was not sturdy enough. It was nice and soft, but I don’t think it was the right kind of yarn to use.  After wearing my slippers around the house for a few days I wore holes in the bottom of them both! Either it was the yarn or the fact that I must walk miles in my home each day!

I was so sad, but learned my lesson.  I will be making myself another pair soon with some stronger yarn!

How about you?  Do you love to crochet?  If so, please share links to some of your favorite projects or patterns!

Have a great day!

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  1. Aww Sheri I so wanted a crochet pattern for slippers and your picture looks just like the one Ive been looking for... Could you please either share the pattern with me via my email or please could I have the name of the site you found it on. Thanks so Much Lynda C
    1. Hi Lynda, It looks like the pattern is no longer on the site. Let me see if I can find the pattern I printed out. Maybe I can send it to you.
    2. I can't find my pattern and now I am bummed because it is no longer on the site :(. Let me see if I can search online today and find another one. If I find one, I'll email it to you!
    1. Hi Michelle, I see the page is no longer on her site. I'll have to look at the pattern but it may be copyrighted and I don't have the right to reprint it. If I can post it I will though :). Have a great evening!
  2. Do these help keep your feet warmer than just socks would Sheri? My feet are always cold so I have to wear either shoes or regular slippers, which can be bulky when tucking your feet underneath you while curled up on the couch with a good book. Do you think these would do the trick?
    1. Yes, Katherine! They did keep my feet warm, but allowed them to breathe too so they didn't sweat. I can't wait to make another pair for myself..or two or three!

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