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My Recipe Book {a fun project for your daughters!}

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I have a fun project for you to do with your daughters…have them make their own Recipe Book!  I should have been doing this with my daughter a long time ago!  I knew that as I built my own Recipe Book filled with healthy recipes that our family loves, that I would some day duplicate it and give copies to all my children to take with them as they start their own families.

Well…why not have your daughters make their own Recipe Books, adding recipes to it as they have mastered making them.  Here are my thoughts…start by having your daughter pick out one recipe that she wants to learn to make.  First have her help you prepare the recipe, then give her several chances to make the recipe on her own.  Once she feels that she has mastered making the recipe, then a copy of it can be added to her Recipe Book.  Your daughter will have fun seeing her collection of recipes grow as she gains more experience in the kitchen.  You can work as quickly or as slowly as you need to.  The key is to make steady progress over the years.

You might want to put together a cute Recipe Book filled with divider pages and sheet protectors and wrap it up with a note to your daughter for Christmas, or plan a special mother/daughter time to make the Recipe Book together.

Another idea is to make this a part of your homeschooling plans…scheduling time each day or each week to work on a recipe.  The ideas are endless, but again the key is that you make steady progress.  Our daughters will need to know how to prepare meals and goodies for their families…start now to teach them!

Here are the simple instructions for putting together the Recipe Book:

1. Purchase a 3-ring binder, some sheet protectors, and tab dividers.

2. Print out a cover for your Recipe Book here , (or make your own) and slip into the front cover of your binder.

3. Print out the divider pages here , onto cardstock paper, (or make your own) and slip them into sheet protectors in your binder.

4. Label the tab dividers to correspond to each section of your recipe book and attach them to the divider pages.

5. Begin working on and adding your favorite recipes! Be sure to slip all your recipes into sheet protectors in your Recipe Book. That way you can put two in each sheet protector…and protect your recipes from spills!

If you need some good healthy recipes to get you started, check out my cookbook ebooks here!

Have fun with this very practical and helpful project that you can do with your daughters.  Make memories together as you teach them this valuable life skill!

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  1. Sons too, Sherri 🙂 My son was worried I'd pass on and he wouldn't have some of my recipes so I had him do some as a word-processing project and some we cooked together with me just directing, since I'm a throw-in-without-measuring kind of cook. (And if he's smart he'll save my cookbook collection with my handwritten notes!) I'd also suggest collecting recipes from other family members or having cookalongs with them so your heritage recipes don't get lost. Several family members wished that they had spent more time with Mommom when her apple dumpling recipe was lost to Alzheimer's.

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