Finally…A child’s story Bible I am excited about!

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Over the years I have purchased many different story Bibles for our children.  While most of them were “ok”, I really don’t recall finding any that I was really excited about…until now!

A few weeks ago as I was searching for some ideas for my kids’ Easter baskets, I decided to get my youngest daughter (age 4) a new Bible.  I had seen several different people recommend The Jesus Storybook Bible and so I checked it out.  Wow!  I loved what I saw in the sample pages so I ordered a copy.  My daughter found her copy in her Easter basket yesterday morning and has been carrying it around with her everywhere.  She wanted me to read her the stories yesterday morning…while we were at church…after we got home…after her nap…she LOVES her Bible…and this mama is so very pleased!

What impresses me most about this Bible is explained in the subtitle on the cover…“Every story whispers his name.” Each story is presented in a way that draws Jesus into the center…shows His story, His plan, His love.

I can’t recommend this child’s Bible enough.  I love it so much, I think I will sit down and read it from cover to cover as soon as I get the chance!

Go here to view some of the sample pages and see what you think.  This Bible would make a great gift!

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  1. Just another thought. This book does not declare God as the creator. God did speak creation into existence, but this book doesn't make this clear to children. Why is God saying "hello" to all these wonderful things? To me this is a gross error. I would not recommend this book to anyone, because it just is not true to God's written word. Take a good look before you buy. Our young kids can understand so much more than we think. Teach them the truth from the beginning.
    1. Michelle, Thank you for your post. I do want to clarify, though, that this Bible does portray God as the creator. The sample pages may not have been enough to show that. I appreciate your concern as well about children's Bibles being paraphrased...most of them are. I know there are those that would not use children's Bibles with their kids because they prefer to only read directly from Scripture (note: all parents should be reading directly from the Bible to their kids!). However, I do feel that *additionally* reading out of a good children's Bible can help them understand and begin to see the Bible as His story...to see it as one big story that includes them. After reading so many stories yesterday to my daughter, she was full of questions about sin, about the cross, about heaven and hell. It provided wonderful opportunities for me to share with her. The beautiful pictures made the stories come to life for her. Again, thank you Michelle for sharing your concerns.
  2. Unfortunately, from the little bit I saw of the sample pages, I was disappointed in this story book bible. For me, it is not close enough to God's word. I didn't like how the story about Eve and Satan was changed around. Satan asks a completely different question than what he truly asks Eve in the Bible. Yes, we might be able to say that this is what Satan was trying to get her to think, but I'm not sure about that. I would rather keep the stories as close to the original while still making them understandable for kids. I'm disappointed that female authors tend to appeal to our emotions, instead of being true to scripture. I also don't like that the scripture is paraphrased or uses the NIV. Maybe my review is too harsh for the little bit I saw, but those are my thoughts. Let's begin to teach our kids God's word when they are really young and teach it as accurate as possible. They won't understand everything, but as they grow older, they'll remember what they've learned and understand it better.
  3. My 3.5 year old son just got the Deluxe version of this Bible in his Easter basket yesterday too! Can not give a review yet. He didn't get the whole basket opened :( We got the deluxe version so he can put the CD in and "read along" himself as well.
  4. Oh, Sheri! I LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible! It's my standard baby gift - I think everyone needs one in their house! I was doing a women's Bible study a couple summers ago, and there were some women who knew nothing about the Bible - we read a lot out of the book, and it helped all of us! I love the truth that my kids get as we read the book together, and it has helped me see Christ in new ways throughout the entire Bible!

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