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When I am wanting a more lower calorie breakfast (a Fuel Pull as explained in the  Trim Healthy Mama book), this is one recipe I like to make…Muffin in a Bowl.

I like to top the muffin with some Greek Yogurt and mixed berries.  As you can tell, I just love the chocolate/berry combination :).  One time I took a bit of Green Yogurt and mixed in some vanilla extract and Truvia, then put that on top of my muffin.  Oh…that was good too.

I hope you are enjoying seeing some of what I have been “cooking” lately!

Sugar-Free with Sheri


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  1. Do you have a microwave? If not, then do you make the recipes that call for a microwave in your oven? How long and what temp? Do they turn out still?
    1. Hi Lori, I do have a microwave. In the THM book, they do give directions for using the oven for some of the "microwave" recipes. This is an area the sisters don't agree on, so they provide directions for both :).
  2. Looks delicious! I just started THM. I was thinking about buying the book, but thought it was kind of pricey, but after hearing you lost 20+ lbs, I decided to buy the ebook. I love it. I am never hungry and feel so much better. Thank you! Do you have before and after pics? I took my before pic on Friday. I have about 40 lbs to lose. I just had a baby in January.
    1. Congrats Amy! I am so excited that you are joining me on this journey! I did not take an intentional before picture, but I could probably find a picture of myself before I lost weight. Then I guess I could do a picture now to compare...I really should do that! I think it will encourage others to see the success you can have...all while eating yummy foods and not being hungry! Have a great day!

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