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The Lord has really been working in my heart at the beginning of this new year.  Through various mediums, He has brought two words to the forefront.  Two things that will be my focus this year:  Simplify & Love!

I think at times we allow our lives to get so complicated and full and complex that it affects our ability to really love…really love our husbands, our children, our friends, the Lord Himself!

So…this coming year I am taking a different area of my life each month and allowing the Lord to show me how to simplify that area so that I can fully LOVE.

For January, I have chosen my daily schedule to simplify.

I have allowed our daily schedule to get a little out of hand…no set times to start anything…and it is time to do something about it.  Part of the problem is that we took a long break over December and now it is time to get back into a schedule.

In the past I would chart out our days in tightly scheduled segments.  Once we got off I would just get frustrated and give up.  Not this time!  I am approaching things a bit differently and with the Lord’s help we are making progress in getting some good habits in place.

Last week my focus was on getting the kids up and eating breakfast as 8:30, then getting our table time work done before lunch.  That went pretty well, and now this week my focus is on adding a chore time block of time right after breakfast to get our cleaning chores done together.  After our chore time, the next block of time is table time, which will take us up close to lunch time.

I have the rest of the day charted out as well, but my focus for now will be on these first few items.  Next week I will add the next block of time, slowing adding more “markers” to our day, slowing instilling habits that I pray will make our days run smoother.

To to summarize, here are the blocks of time so far that we are working on:

8:30 am –  Breakfast & Devotions

9-10 am – Chore Time (Bedroom & Cleaning Chores)

10-11:30 am – Table Time (Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading Instruction, etc.)

11:30-1:00 pm – Active Play Time (1/2 hour outside if possible) & Lunch

I am really looking forward to what God is going to do in me and in our family this coming year.  I am beginning at the foundation…the very structure of our days…and from there will move on to other areas of our life in future months.

What about you?  Is the Lord calling you to simplify?  To look at areas of your life that need attention…so that you can really LOVE?

Look for more posts in the weeks to come where I will chronicle what the Lord is showing me and how it is working out in real life in our home.

Have a blessed day in the Lord!


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  1. Have started doing morning Bible reading using The One Minute Bible, with NIV passages arranged for 366 days of the year, by John R. Kohlenberger III. This fits in with the "simplifying" idea, as it is really easy to pick up and read the day's passage. I'm doing this BEFORE getting on the computer to check email, etc. It's working out well, and I don't have to think about what part of the Bible to read or how far to read; this makes Bible reading as a habit something that is much more doable for me.

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