We are changing the story in a child’s life…how about you?

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Change the life of a child today!Our family began sponsoring two children through Compassion several years ago, and a year later added another child.  I want to thank each of you who have purchased any of my ebooks…because a portion of the income from this site makes it possible for us to sponsor these children.  Thank you!

As we look forward to Easter and the celebration of Jesus’ life…the hope that we have in Christ…would you consider giving hope to a child in need?  I know sometimes we think that just sending in money each month does not make a difference, but it does!  What I like about Compassion is that we get to communicate with the children through letters.  We send them coloring pages, post cards, baseball cards for the boys, bookmarks, stickers, etc.  They write back and tell us about their life, their family, and how they are doing in school.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are making a difference in these children’s lives….a difference for eternity.


This is little Marcia from El Salvador.  She is 5 years old and is in need of a sponsor.

Click here to go to my “I’m Changing The Story” page for more information on her and how you can sponsor her today!

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