Naming His Gifts: #1-14

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Here is where I begin…

I am so excited to begin the new year counting His gifts.  Each Monday I will jot down the next group of gifts I have named…

…learning to see the holy in each moment of the day…


Gifts #1-#14

7-year-old’s first two baby teeth coming loose

home-made paddleboat in the bathtub

Rachel’s dimpled smile

beautiful winter sunsets

the smell of baked oatmeal in the oven

the birds in all their colors

my dishwasher

Sarah playing the piano

Robert singing

children running to Daddy when he gets home from work

mountains of clothes sitting around me waiting to be folded

little feet pattering down the hall

the warm sun on my face

white snowflakes falling

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  1. Thank you for this. Makes me see that I am not the only one with mounds of clothes to fold and if i didn't have the family or children that I have I wouldn't have those mounds of clothes that come from the pattering from the child that come running in the kitchen and it goes on and on of the Gifts he gives.
    1. Jessica...yes you are so right! I literally had MOUNDS of laundry sitting all around me as I added the entry to my Gratitude Journal. I was sitting in the only clean spot on the couch..with 4 or 5 baskets full of more clean laundry at my feet...yikes! I did get it all folded and put away though...all the suitcases unpacked and put away...all the Christmas decorations put ready to settle back into our normal schedule :). Have a great day!

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